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Flash Sale July 2016

If you have had your eye on a course and were hoping for deeply reduced tuition, you will love this.

I have selected the TOP 4 MOST POPULAR COURSES offered here at PCCCA and for 24 hours (July 27-28, 2016) you will save 40%.

 (Unfortunately this offer can't be extended beyond 24 hours. Thank you for understanding.)

And YES, your 40% OFF applies to all recurring payments in the series of your payment plan.  Please be sure to review all the terms stated below.


You will find the coupon code below, in the yellow box.
Select your course(s) from among the courses listed below on the Eligible Courses list.
Click on the course and you will arrive on the course description page.
The enrollment link is near the bottom, below the tuition.  NOTE:  The tuition on the course page will NOT yet show 40% OFF.  
You must apply the coupon once in the cart phase of enrollment.
TO BEGIN:  On the course description page, click the Enroll button near the bottom. This will take you to the enrollment form.  Complete the Enrollment Form and click Submit.
You will then arrive on a page where you select your payment plan, whether it is in full or payments.  
Once you have made this selection, you will be directed to the cart to pay.  

At this point, insert your COUPON CODE in the blank below the course you selected and click apply.
Now you will see the discount applied at checkout.  
=> If you select a payment plan, your 40% OFF will only show for your first payment so we will
manually correct the amount to reflect 40% OFF before monthly tuition payments begin. 

Eligible Courses
Select your course and use the coupon code to save.

(1)  Certified Christian Life Coach / Certified Professional Life Coach dual certification course

(2)  Certified Christian Counselor course

(3) Stress Relief Coach certification course

(4)  Joy Restoration / Christian Grief Coach dual certification course


Use Coupon Code:  FLASH40

Have questions or need assistance?

Just submit a support request form at our Contact page.


Select your preference carefully as the two codes are specific and not interchangeable, nor can they be swapped later.  

​Enrollments submitted without tuition for this FLASH SALE will not receive the 40% savings on a later date.
Both the enrollment form and reduced tuition must be submitted in order to qualify for this 40% OFF event.

Please note that if you select a payment plan and your recurring payment fails to draft, this FLASH SALE tuition offer
automatically reverts back to the regular tuition and you lose the 40% OFF savings for this course.

This savings is for tuition only and does not cover optional certification fees or certificate upgrade orders. The savings are for new course enrollments only and not for students already enrolled in that specific course. However if you are enrolled in a course already and wish to enroll in another course using this Flash Sale offer, we welcome your enrollment.

Have questions or need assistance?

Just submit a support request form at our Contact page.