EPISODE 13 – The Cure For Stress
[ LISTEN AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST ] This episode is about real solutions for our society's #1 problem:[...]
EPISODE 12 – How Important Are Coaching Credentials?
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EPISODE 11 – Coaching Challenges, How to Identify and Overcome Them
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EPISODE 10 – Christian Coaching School Podcast is Back!
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Episode 9 – Stop Missing Opportunities
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EPISODE 8 – How To Coach Deeply
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EPISODE 7 – Interview with Karen Federighi, featured on NBC and Upcoming Movie
Thank you for joining me for an extraordinary interview episode today. I recently had an opportunity to do an in-person interview[...]
EPISODE 6 – Public Speaker Training For Coaches – Part 3
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EPISODE 5 – Public Speaker Training For Christian Life Coaches – Part 2
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EPISODE 4 – Public Speaker Training For Christian Life Coaches – Part 1
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