EPISODE 12 – How Important Are Coaching Credentials?


There’s been a lot of discussion for years already about whether someone should get coaching credentials. By this I mean, whether a coach should become certified. After all, since coaching is not regulated, anyone can call themselves a coach and hang their shingle.

In my opinion, certification is more important than ever, precisely because of the lack of regulation. When a profession has no oversight, then it is up to its members to make sure that those being coached, receive quality services and that the integrity of the profession is upheld.

With Christian Coaching, where God’s word mandates that we do everything as unto the Lord, we must provide coaching excellence. In order to do so, we need training and by successfully completing our course, we can demonstrate to prospective coaching clients that we are qualified to provide coaching services.

In this episode about coaching credentials we address:

How important are coaching credentials?

Will your prospective clients expect you to be certified?

Will your credential make you a much better coach?

You deserve to know the truth about credentials, credibility and professionalism.  Listen now!


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