EPISODE 10 – Christian Coaching School Podcast is Back!


Welcome back to another episode of Christian Coaching School podcast after a long break. While I was on break in Key Largo, I had the opportunity to record some more episodes of our podcast and here is the first one.

I’m excited to share some very cool announcements with you today.  Among them are:

  • PCCCA, the Professional Christian Coaching Academy is now part of Anew University (http://anewuniversity.com).
  • We’ve added a full time staff member to head Student Services.
  • There will be a new Support Schedule to make response times more predictable.
  • For support, contact us at http://beautifulsupportdesk.com. Here’s more details …
  • For your convenience, support phone lines, both US and International …

Group Coaching Facilitator – best way to gain one-to-one clients is coaching groups and we give you the exact steps. Learn more at http://groupcoachingfacilitator.com

Advanced Professional Life Coach Certification course https://pccca.org/advanced/

Actionable Content Includes:
1. Effortless client attraction
2. Conversations guaranteed to convert prospects into paying clients
3. Advanced client on-boarding – show your clients an extraordinary experience from the moment they sign up to work with you! Here’s how.
4. Advanced Coaching Model – will give you laser focus in problem solving … help your clients quickly solve any coachable problem. (Your clients will LOVE this!)

NEW Academy joins our family – Essential Oil Academy  https://essentialoilacademy.com

With over 10 million new essential oil sales people and consultants, largely untrained, this certification is what customers are looking for: Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner (accredited by American Association of Drugless Practitioners!).
New Referral Partner program at Essential Oil Academy – earn $100 per student referral, no limit – get the details at https://essentialoilacademy.com/partners/

Also on this podcast … DON’T MISS … my special announcement about working with me personally.

Come on and listen in!  You’ll be glad you did.

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