EPISODE 10 – Christian Coaching School and Anew University PLUS More News and Updates

Welcome back to another episode of Christian Coaching School podcast after a long break.

I’m excited to share some very cool announcements with you today.  Among them are:

  • PCCCA, the Professional Christian Coaching Academy is now part of Anew University.
  • We’ve added a full time staff member to head Student Services.
  • There will be a new Support Schedule to make response times more predictable.
  • For support, contact us at http://beautifulsupportdesk.com. Here’s more details …
  • For your convenience, support phone lines, both US and International …

Group Coaching Facilitator – best way to gain one-to-one clients is coaching groups and we give you the exact steps. Learn more at http://groupcoachingfacilitator.com

Advanced Professional Life Coach Certification course https://pccca.org/advanced/

Actionable Content Includes:
1. Effortless client attraction
2. Conversations guaranteed to convert prospects into paying clients
3. Advanced client on-boarding – show your clients an extraordinary experience from the moment they sign up to work with you! Here’s how.
4. Advanced Coaching Model – will give you laser focus in problem solving … help your clients quickly solve any coachable problem. (Your clients will LOVE this!)

NEW Academy joins our family – Essential Oil Academy  https://essentialoilacademy.com

With over 10 million new essential oil sales people and consultants, largely untrained, this certification is what customers are looking for: Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner (accredited by American Association of Drugless Practitioners!).
New Referral Partner program at Essential Oil Academy – earn $100 per student referral, no limit – get the details at https://essentialoilacademy.com/partners/

Also on this podcast … DON’T MISS … my special announcement about working with me personally.

Come on and listen in!  You’ll be glad you did.

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