EPISODE 13 – The Cure For Stress

This episode is about real solutions for our society’s #1 problem: stress. Join me to discover your own cure for stress. 

We will discuss what stress is, what causes it, how it looks in your life, the resulting behaviors and lots and lots of ways to overcome it.

We’ll discuss the challenges among the medical community with treating it, how it can affect a person’s general and mental health. I’ll share how you can become prepared and highly proactive to solve this issue before stress evoking circumstances happen. 

I will arm you with practical solutions and even some cures, that you can use for yourself and with loved ones. 

I’ll even tell you how you can use stress relief skills professionally if that is your goal.  

Stay with me for the entire episode to hear from Master Christian life coaches, also Certified in Stress Relief coaches and their experiences. 

And, I have a special COUPON CODE (limited) for tuition savings for those who listen to this episode, that I will not share elsewhere.

Listen now …

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