6 Tips to Start Your Coaching Practice Successfully

That exciting moment has arrived.  You have either completed your training with a certification in hand or you are well on your way and you know that now is your time to start your coaching practice.  In this post, I share 6 tips so that you start well and succeed.

The moment is both exhilarating and a little scary all at once.  You suddenly realize that there are some things you still don't know.

Believe me when I tell you that no one begins when they know everything they need.  Much of this is on-the-job-training.  You take one step and realize you don't have all the answers and that's perfectly fine.  You do some research or ask questions to get those answers and move to the next step.  

No one gets to start out knowing everything. That scenario doesn't exist.  It's a myth that you will feel completely ready. We all need to begin somewhere and usually it is with a whole lot more questions than answers.

What's more,many coaching students have discovered that if they want to create a sustainable, successful coaching practice, it pays to partner with a coach who is experienced and knowledgeable ... one who has gone before them and knows what to do and what to avoid.

I recently asked one of our certified Master Christian life coaches what she attributes her quick, dramatic progress to. She said beyond a shadow of doubt, her top reason was having a good coach by her side.  She could not fathom working without a coach now.

"Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed."
Proverbs 15:22

When speaking with my trainers, their unanimous consensus is that the coaching students who take the Premier CCLC course, where students work with a Master Christian life coach for 12 50-minute sessions, have the greatest success after training ends. The course is the same, whether you take it online or take the Premier where you work with a trainer. The only difference is the coach/trainer in the process.

Puzzle pieces to start a coaching business https://pccca.org

I will say though, that since 2003, we have trained many thousands of students and it is absolutely possible to be successful with the online courses as well if you are a focused individual. It may just take you a little longer.  

You need to know how the puzzle pieces fit so that you can prioritize your tasks. There are some things you must do in the beginning to lay a sound foundation.

It is a good idea to hire a coach at least for a short time in the beginning. There is an expression that "money buys speed".  And if you equate hiring a coach to investing money, it most certainly buys speed!  

Learn more about the velocity of money at Wikipedia

So here are 6 tips to launching your practice successfully:

#1 Get solid training. Just because there is a low barrier to entry into this profession does not mean that you don't need to know much.  On the contrary. You need sharp skills including your 10 Christian Coaching Proficiencies© and other specific knowledge that you gain in our CCLC modules, but also the business and marketing side, so you know how to get into and excel at this profession with a solid, sustainable practice.  It is not like other professions and you will quickly discover what worked elsewhere may not work here.

#1 Get a coach. Launching your practice is a big goal and will benefit from coaching as any worthy goal would. It is in fact the single most effective way to ensure your success.

#2 Pray and implement your plans. The word of God reminds us to count the cost. To any endeavor, there is a cost. If we fail to count the cost, we might get half way there and struggle, because we didn’t act wisely. We must pray, listen to God’s leading about the details and implement the plan. If you fail to implement, it won’t ultimately matter how many hours you spend in prayer. After prayer, implementation is everything.

#3 Niche or Specialize. This is scary for a lot of new coaches because they really want to coach everyone. Very admirable, but please understand what this means. To niche is to decide where you will focus your marketing efforts. It has nothing to do with who you can coach. Remember niche refers to where, not who. We teach you how. You can coach anyone that comes to you, who you feel qualified to help. But marketing costs time and money, so you need to decide the problem you solve that certain people are willing and able to pay for. The days of generalist coaches are gone. Today it’s all about specialization.

#4 Develop influence.  Get your name and business in front of as many people as possible to develop your circle of influence. Take speaking engagements, network, use social media and attend networking events.

#5 Write down your “why” and keep it in front of you. What is the BIG reason you want to do this?  Is it that you have a burning passion to see lives changed? Is it for money or fame?  Or is it because you feel God wants you to do this and you want to be obedient to the call on your life?  

There will be times that challenge you and if you have a strong, motivating reason (your “why”) for doing this, you won’t quit.

You must be clear about why you want to become a coach and run a coaching practice. The most successful coaches are ones who are genuinely interested in helping others. God has put you here for a reason. You have a gift to deliver to the world and there are lots of people who need you, who may only be able to receive the message you deliver, in your voice.​

Now it's your time to take action.  Do it today.​  Tell me and my readers in the COMMENTS area at the bottom of this page, the action you commit to take. Be specific!

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