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New Certification: Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner

Today I am announcing a new certification, a new profession in fact, the Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner and a brand new academy … Essential Oil Academy, now part of our Beautiful Life International companies. The Essential Oil Academy was actually founded in 2014, when we began developing the course. It just made sense. Because this […]

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Coaching & New Natural Health Certification Opportunity

IT’S COMING THIS FALL! … I’m sitting here on the top balcony of our leased house in Key Largo and I’ve been contemplating an article about the benefits of God-given, natural health solutions and how certified natural health professionals are becoming in high demand. This reminded me to give you advanced notice about a new natural […]

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Benefits of Laughter in Coaching

Today we are talking about a topic I have never seen addressed in coaching. Usually my posts cover more serious subject matter but here I want to talk about the benefits of laughter to you and your clients. An up-level in attitude can at times make all the difference in perspective and outcome. It should be our goal to […]

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Want God To Promote You? Here’s How!

I recently spoke with someone who told me they are highly interested in one of our courses, but said sadly, that they could not afford it.   Now, there are times that God impresses on me to help the person, but this was not one of those times. (Lesson:  be discerning.) Deep inside, those words did not […]

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