Church, Now Is Your Time

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You are needed now more than ever.  I am speaking to the church in the broad sense and specifically to pastors, pastors’ wives, deacons, elders, Christian counselors, Christian life coaches and everyone who feels called to help others in the body of Christ. This is for you.

Few of us are able to attend in person. And that is a simple reminder that the church is not a building, rather a people God chose for such a time.

This may be the most unusual period of our lives but it’s not a surprise to God. He has positioned you to fulfill His calling in your life right now.

Regardless of whether the scope of your ministry or church is big, small or medium size, one thing is the same today. Your people need you now more than ever.  Although your resources may be stretched thin, the need continues to grow. One need in particular.

God’s people need reassurance.

Our church family, neighbors, friends and our own family need support in countless ways, both tangible and intangible.  Maybe they just need to talk with someone with great faith and feet firmly planted.  That person is you.

But through this all, you may have realized you can’t be everything to everyone.  And the truth is, you are not called to be everything to everyone.  Really.

The time is now to circle the wagons and bring in every available helper. Then assess their gifts, make sure they are adequately trained and put them to work.  There is not a job to great or too humble.

Today is the day the church must become relevant in the world at large. Maybe it’s always been relevant to you but that’s not the case for a lot of people.

Many churches have aged and the younger members have drifted away.  Yet the needs of God’s people have not reduced, rather they are greater than ever because of the challenges in our world, be it the pandemic, financial issues, relationship distress, and general anxiety caused by uncertainty.

My purpose for writing is to encourage you to stay the course and bring in more, effective, kingdom workers. Your position now also requires you to delegate more of the tasks so that you don’t burn out.  

I have been supporting, inspiring and uplifting you and others like you for decades. I do this with resources, prayer and training, and not always in that order.  It just depends on the needs.

Because you are stretched thin, I'll be sending you resources.

Today’s free resource is for those who need emotional support during these times of uncertainty. God’s word tells us we are transformed by the renewing of our mind.

The enemy knows this too. He knows that the first thing he has to do is attack our minds to get us off balance and fill us with anxiety. So we need to stop him right there as we offer emotional support to everyone who needs us.

I recently created a free “survival guide” full of practical and spiritual tips to ease worries and anxiety created by the chaos and uncertainty. Although based on scripture and empirically provable science, the FREE Chaos and Fear Survival Guide is suitable for believers and non-believers alike so feel free to download and share it … or simply share the link to the guide.

When we can remain calm despite what is going on in the world, others will notice and inquire about the source of our peace and wellbeing. This will give us new opportunities to demonstrate the power of God working in our lives to sustain us and restore us.  You know that peace is very attractive to someone suffering from the anxiety of uncertainty.

Now is our time to lead. To do this effectively we need to become equipped for such a time as this. Some people find the concept of “taking every thought captive” either vague or confusing. Let’s solve this today. The guide will help you.

We need to understand how to reframe uncomfortable thoughts and manage our own feelings to better support those who need us. Our words have power and we must speak life and health into the lives of others.

REMEMBER: God doesn’t just feed one person. He feeds everyone.  When God gives us gold, and this guide is gold, He wants us to share it so that as His ambassadors, our lives can be a living testimony to His goodness, grace, mercy and power.  I strive to live this and share it, and I encourage you to do the same.

Love and blessings,

Leelo Bush, PhD
CEO, Founder and Director of Training
Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy – since 2003
Matthew 6:33

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