What To Do If You Don’t Feel Ready Yet

In this post I have a secret to share with you that almost no one will tell you.

If you know that God has called you to Christian life coaching or counseling, and you are waiting to feel ready ... but you don't feel ready yet, just know that everyone of us felt the same way when we started.  Yes, including me.

I didn't just wake up one morning with certainty that I knew exactly what to do.  Not at all. In fact, I knew for sure that I did NOT know it all.  It was scary.​

So why did some of us start and others didn't?  The steps to begin are the same but each of our callings are different based on God unique plan for our lives.  But ... some of us had the courage to do it while we were still afraid.

Simply no other way exists.  ​But here is an important truth:  There is nothing that will train you as well as just doing it.

All entrepreneurs learn on the job. We don't just enter this field with all of our skills, training and preparation and instantly know what to do. We just know that everything is figure-out-able.

It has been said that God does not call the qualified, rather he qualifies the called. We can step out fearlessly because God has not created us to feel completely confident. In fact it would be unrealistic (yes, foolish) to think we could approach anything new without some uncertainty. This is true for you and for me.  You see, God wants us to lean on Him and know that we can do nothing without Him.

No matter how many courses you take, none will give you the inner gumption to actually implement what you learn.  I don't care what anyone promises you.  It's a lie.  All we can do is show and tell you how to do something.  After that, it's up to you.

After you know what to do, it's all about implementation. Pray and implement. Pray and implement. If I could sum up each of my days in three words it would be these … pray and implement.

So just know this: Once you have your certification in hand, you are never going to feel more ready than now. There is no point in waiting. All that results from a delay is that people don't get help and you don't get paid. What awesome fun for the enemy!

Here are two processes for you depending on where you are now.

(1)  Not yet trained:  Select your training course. Complete your enrollment form. Pay your tuition in full if you are able.  Now you are invested in your future and can't turn back. Begin training.​  (If you are unable to pay in full, at least select a tuition payment plan and make your first payment. Then begin training.)

(2)  Training completed/Certified:  Create your plan. (PCCCA training prepares you with steps to take.)  Prioritize the steps for your unique practice and divide them into manageable bites. Then begin to implement. TODAY!

Gideon's courage

God has called you to this because He has people who need YOU!  Honor God's plan for you and prove to Him that He can trust you with these clients.  The Lord is with you, you mighty man / woman of fearless courage!  

For an excellent story about victory, experienced by someone who did not feel at all prepared, equipped or confident, read Judges 6-7.

Now, I would love to hear from you.  What have you had challenges with?  Have you found solutions to help you get over fear or inadequacy and begin to implement?  Let's talk about this!  Post your comments in the section below!

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