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I was reading an email recently with a message from a graduate telling how one of our courses has literally changed her life and many others. It made me stop and think about how important it is that all our students understand how to get paying clients.If you don't, you may not be able to help too many people. So today we'll talk about how to actually get paying clients.

When you read your client testimonials, you realize that you are living at the center of your purpose. That is more powerful and empowering than my words can even express.

How about you? Do you see yourself working from home, with a cup of tea on your desk ... while you coach by phone with one of your new clients?  Do you dream about reading an appreciative note from a client whose life has been transformed?

This is a reality for many of our graduates. That’s because we teach what many schools leave out, namely how to price your services and how to get paying clients. I don’t fault them for this because they are teaching what they know. One thing that differentiates us from other schools is that we specialize in understanding and teaching how to attract your ideal clients. 

And it takes more than excellent coaching/counseling skills to get paying clients.

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The number one thing that stops most coaches and counselors is when they realize that they really have no idea how to get paying clients. It’s a horrible feeling. They feel stressed, anxious and afraid.

How on earth would they be able to confidently provide services with that sinking feeling?

Here’s the truth: Being even the best coach or counselor on earth is not going to fill your practice. And confidentially, even if it did, you would probably burn out after a while. Here’s more truth: When you are running a successful practice, you are not only a coach or counselor, you are also an entrepreneur.

shifting to an entrepreneur mindset

If you are new to thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur, you are not alone. This is where many of our students begin. Then during their course, they gradually change their mindset to include those new opportunities and possibilities.

There are many ways that you can earn income as a coach or counselor. So don’t let that word entrepreneur scare you or hold you back. The best part of thinking about your practice as an entrepreneur is it for the first time, you make the rules rather than follow someone else’s. And that is very exciting.

You will begin by figuring out who it is that you want to serve. What are the results those clients are looking for?

People don’t hire coaches or counselors because they want to do sessions with them. So if you see a coach or a counselor who is successful, meaning they have a thriving practice, it’s because they deliver the specific results their clients are looking for.

Transformational Questions focus on solutions

When you can help people achieve a particular goal and result, it’s really your obligation to let them know that help is available. This is very different from selling. It’s actually educating your prospective client about what is possible and how you can help them. And when you are talking to the right people/those you want to serve, then this education will be a very natural fit for them.

Once you understand your ideal client and how you can help them, you will want to have a website. The number one purpose of your website is to educate people. A website does not have to be huge and have lots of pages in order to be helpful to your practice. You can start out with something very basic.

The first five pages your website must have are:
1) Home page - Clearly state what you offer.
2) About page - Introduce yourself and include your headshot.
3) Products / Services page - Explain your service or product(s).
4) Testimonials page - Glowing reviews about working with you.
5) Contact page - How prospective clients can reach you.

Coaching/counseling/helping people has become a multi billion dollar industry in the US. And it grows every year. You can’t ask for better proof-of-concept than that. 

Prepare for Promotion!

The good news is there is room for you in this proven field along with the unique results you can offer to change people’s lives. If God has created you a people-helper, He already knows who needs you. All that is needed now is for you to get ready.

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This is where we come in. The courses you find here at PCCCA are both scripturally-based and practical so you can immediately put to use what you learn. You will notice soon that your own life begins changing. Those around you will see a difference in you. They may even ask you about it. You’ll gain a new confidence in sharing what you do.

This article contains only a small amount of the rich content that you will find in each of our academy's courses. We teach you both the skills to provide needed services and how to attract your ideal clients. You will need both, no matter what you hear elsewhere. Our training is affordable and accredited. Several courses offer dual certifications so that you can work in a Christian and secular environment.

This year, PCCCA celebrates 16 years of educating Christian coaches, counselors, leaders and people-helpers. Will you join the thousands of successful graduates around the world on every continent who are changing lives and sending out a ripple effect of transformation for God’s glory?

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