Student’s Life Transformed in Certification Course

As the Enrollment Blitz with the 30% OFF Coupon: BLITZ30 draws to a close this week, it’s important to remember the real benefits of our academy’s training and certification programs.

Yes, you receive training to provide coaching or counseling with excellence, as is Christ’s mandate for us, regardless of the work we do.  But, if you allow our training process to work for you and you execute your modules prayerfully, asking God to open your eyes to everything He wants you to gain … then miraculous transformation can take place.

Informational vs. Transformational Courses

The courses I create for PCCCA are transformational, not just informational.  Here’s the difference: Informational courses teach you concepts and principles you can apply to others.  Transformational courses change your life in the process of learning to help others.

Transformational training teaches you how to think differently to achieve the results you want. Neuroscience now proves biblical prophesy / truth that we are transformed by the renewal of our minds. This is possible with transformational training.

A Student's Life Transformed

I often receive letters from our students and graduates, telling of their experiences and thanking me for this transformational training.  Here is one I received not long ago:

Dear Dr. Bush,

I want to thank you for the Christian Coach training and certification program. I had been searching for a certification program that would stretch me spiritually as well as academically. Your program delivered above and beyond on both.

Holly Zobeck CCLC

Holly Zobeck CCLC

Through this program I have gained confidence, overcome challenges, bolstered my biblical knowledge and risen above fear.

I am so proud of what the Spirit has done through your program to prepare me in every way to be a certified life coach.

The places and ways He (God) wants to use me have been revealed and I am working with Him to make the visions realities. Thank you for honing the gifts I have been blessed with.

“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”
Proverbs 27:17

Thank you for sharpening me!


Holly Zobeck, CCLC

Thank you, Holly, for sharing your experience. I am so proud of you and all you are doing. I am but the vessel for the training God wanted you to have for you to do His work.  I give God all the glory for your transformation.

This is one example of what God can do with your life when you are willing. If you are already a graduate, I know you have your own story. And if you are about to begin your training, I know you will be incredibly blessed. Be sure to write and tell me about your experiences.

Willingness is key. 

How willing are we to live the exciting life God has for us? How willing are you?

God is giving you an opportunity right now, to make a decision about your life. He wants you to get more training so that He can use you in greater ways.

Old ways won’t open new doors.

Yes, the certification is important to give you confidence and as an outward sign to the world that you are qualified, BUT the true value of training is getting ready for your divine calling.  And for some, this also means getting greater clarity about your specific God-given vision and mission in life. My transformational courses give you both and open new doors for you.

There could be a once-in-a lifetime opportunity a couple months down the road that you can only access with the right education and experience. I encourage you not to wait and miss it. Timing can be everything.

“Our greatest regrets in life are not about
what we did, but about
opportunities we let escape us.”

One of the most important facts to know about our training and this academy is that we do NOT use secular models and methods in our training. We do NOT integrate with new age and psychology as many schools do.

The training you receive here is based on the word of God. In fact our board accreditation with ICE ( guarantees that. We may on occasion include science, which in our view is man's discovery that demonstrates God's plan and purpose.

In order to harness God’s power and deliver true transformation to our clients, we must be clear about our message. We can’t compromise what we do and how we do it to please the world.

Be in the world, but not of it.  

If we seek all sorts of alliances with secular groups and associations, we become part of the world’s culture that God’s word wants us to avoid.  I learned this a couple decades ago when I became ordained, then began work as a Christian counselor.

The meme shown here is from a Facebook post and could not have said it better. It’s directed at today’s churches but can also be said about Christian life coaches and counselors. If we are doing what we’re supposed to do, we are ambassadors for Christ. Some call us “personal pastors”.

If we as Christian coaches and counselors feel we need to become like the world to win the world, we have not won the world. Rather the world has won us.

In Summary

Get ready for your God-given vision and mission now. If all the pieces have not come together yet, it’s because God’s waiting on you to do your part. Don’t wait until the opportunities have already been missed.. 

And don’t worry about pleasing the world. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and everything else will be added unto you.” ~ Matthew 6:33

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