What to expect at PCCCA with Christian Coaching

“..See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."  ~ Isaiah 43:19

We get a lot of questions about what sets us apart in the realm of Christian life coaching and I wanted to give you more insight about what's in store for you with your CCLC / CPLC training.

As you may be aware, our Christian coach training actually offers TWO certifications on completion. You become a Certified Christian Life Coach and a Certified Professional Life Coach.

Why two certifications?  Because we are aware that each graduate has a unique calling and destiny. We want your credential to support you whether you are working in a Christian environment or a secular setting. With our training and credential, you will be fully equipped.

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I've long believed that the training we offer here at PCCCA is without exception, the most powerful, Spirit-led, actionable, accurate, biblically-based Christian coach training available anywhere.

This is probably why our graduates refer those they care about to our courses. There is a good possibility that you were referred to us as well.

Even if you weren't referred to us, I have no doubt that it was in God's divine plan for you to find us and receive training that is after God's own heart.

My goal is for you to become a Christian life coach after God's own heart. There are a lot of ways to coach and a lot of ways to miss God in the process of seeking your own desires. Our training helps you avoid that scenario. My proprietary curriculum is completely inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is biblically accurate. Your coaching will take on God's power as you follow biblical principles. Your clients will experience the most powerful coaching available to mankind.

God's word tells us that He orders the steps of the righteous. (Psalm 37:23) And He will order yours if you ask Him.

The back story to how my proprietary training was created
I had been training coaches for almost 7 years (since the early 2000's) when the main textbook we were using went out of print. The author allowed us to use his manuscript from the original book until his newly revised version became available. Our entire academy waited with great anticipation. 

Important PCCCA Accreditation Information:

It's critical that you understands there is NO REGULATION nor is there a governing body in our coaching industry. This means there is no government entity or any other neutral authority that oversees our profession.

There are however, some private, secular organizations that are attempting to overtake
this industry by imposing their style of coaching on a group of coaches and schools who have chosen their guidelines and are willing to pay their exorbitant fees.

We acknowledge only one provider for our students and is our Heavenly Father. Since 2003 when this academy began, He continues to supply our needs. When you attend PCCCA, you automatically come under our prayer covering.

You are FREE to receive coach training from whomever you choose. Be sure to select the type of training you want, which first and foremost aligns with your faith and worldview. Your training must be about you the coach, not those
you will one day coach. Choose to be evenly yoked.

Put God first in this decision and He will lift you up to help more people
than you can hope or imagine! 

PCCCA is board accredited by ICE (International Christian Educational Credentialing) that oversees behavioral studies such as Christian coaching and counseling. ICE accreditation guarantees for you that our course content is pure, biblically accurate and practical.

PCCCA courses are all about you, to help you become the people-helping man or woman according to God's own heart. It is my goal that you hear God tell you, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." (Matt. 25:21)

But when the new edition arrived, I was very disappointed. It was not what I wanted to share with our students. I could not base my course on a book that did not give them the entire, uncompromising truth of God's word. In my opinion, the new edition had far too much psychology and secular/humanistic thought in it to be part of our PCCCA curriculum. With so much time invested, what could I do? 

After considerable prayer, God showed me He wanted me to write a book, "the" book that contained what He taught me and would continue to teach me. I have now released the Second Edition of the Comprehensive Christian Coach Handbook, on which our Christian Life Coach certification training is based.

Second Edition of Comprehensive Christian Coach Handbook by Leelo Bush, PhD .

But interestingly not everyone celebrated the arrival of my book. There were those who had long been teaching what they called "Christian coaching". It wasn't biblical at all, rather secular with a few scriptures added. Some of them are still around. Suddenly when my book was published, it pulled back the curtain on what had been going on for years. Although my book did not mention names, I explained how this deception can happen. As a result I even received hate mail and threats.

But I knew the source of all that and it was just more confirmation that I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do. He had chosen me to share the truths I reveal in this book and I had fulfilled my task. (If you've read my book, you know what I am referring to.) And that gave me great peace (even joy) amidst the enemy's attacks.

LESSON: When God prompts you to say something, say it, even if it's uncomfortable. And it may be at first, until you learn to trust God to bring the results He desires. You just need to rely on the Holy Spirit to give you the exact words you need according to Luke 12:12. And the joy you feel when you see God at work is indescribable!

The truth will set you free. For decades, God had been testing me about delivering His message to others. From time to time, He would give me a "word" for someone. I knew I had to deliver exactly those words and each time they led to remarkable revelation or transformation.

To be perfectly candid, often the message didn't mean much to me but it might bring tears of joy to the person who received it. The duty to deliver the message was mine, but the results were all God's.

All the glory for these powerful results belong to God. I was simply the vessel He chose to deliver His message. What a humbling experience. This book was written by listening to God and His inspiration, then transcribing it for you. This is the foundation of your certification course.

The training you receive here will also change your own life. This is transformational education and different from informational education.  Transformational training will also change you, the student, so that you transform into the coach God has called you to become. I see these results daily because God's word never returns void.

Our training meets you where you are and will always put God's will and plan for your life first. Always. It doesn't matter where are are right now, God has a great plan for you. It is my honor and privilege to guide you to the discovery of His plan.

What to do next:

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“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.
It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”
Colossians 3:23-24 NIV

© 2019 Leelo Bush PhD

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