5 New Year’s Goal Suggestions Plus More …

I am very excited about 2018. How about you? This new year is unlike any other I have experienced because so many of us are full of hope. Along with that we might be thinking of setting New Year goals or resolutions that surpass any from the past. 

Whether you are a pro at setting goals or a novice, this year is different and you'll want new strategies. I have some great suggestions for you below and before you begin working on your New Year goals or resolutions, review your life as a whole. What else may be affected?

If you immerse yourself in a business venture, will your personal relationships suffer? If you commit all your time to your church committee, might your business fall apart when you can’t make sales appointments?

Just because something is a worthy goal does not mean 
it's the right goal for you.

Before you begin, first make a deliberate decision about the lifestyle you want. How do you want to live? There is always a trade-off. We always have to give up something to get something else. Don't make your resolutions or set your goals without considering who or what else may be impacted.

So take a little time and think things through or discuss this with your coach. What will it take for you to experience a better, more fulfilling and balanced life in 2018? 

5 Suggestions to make goal setting more effective this year:

1. Subtract something from your life.  This may sound like an odd suggestion but more is not always better.  Our life can become so crowded with activities and things, we miss the sweet moments.

2. Focus anew on becoming your best self, emotionally and physically. Take a look at some new wellness goals. Should you cut back on caffeine?  Maybe exercise more by taking daily walks? Add more time with God with prayer and meditation?

3. Remove anything toxic from your life. And this means also distancing from toxic people, situations and relationships.  We've just come through the holidays and these issues gain a new prominence with all the social gatherings.  So this should be fresh in your mind.

4. Set aside daily and weekly times to unplug from technology.  The world won't end if you don't respond to a text message or email the minute it arrives. I recommend you set an unplug schedule and notify those close to you, that you will be unavailable for that time.

5. Re-frame your thinking to "I get to" vs "I have to."  Each day, no matter what goal you are aiming at, focus on what you get to do, rather than what you have to do. Each day of our life is a gift from God, not an obligation to be endured.

Bonus Tips & Reminders

Pray about any decision first and make sure you have peace about it.

If you're not sure, wait until you are. God is not the author of confusion.

Consider who else will benefit when you achieve your goal. God's purpose will feed more than only you.

Finally, what got you here, won't get you there. The skills that brought you to where you are today, won't take you to the next level.  Moving forward will require a new set of skills and more knowledge. We have training to help you take the next step.

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