21 New Graduate & Student Stories – Why Select PCCCA

​It has been a very long time since we have posted personal stories from our students and graduates.  We recently received lots of submissions for the second edition of my book, so I thought I would share some of them below. This way you can hear from those who are most qualified to tell you about how God has changed their lives. You will also learn their thoughts about the training they received and why select PCCCA.

If you know that God has called you to become a Certified Christian Life Coach, Christian Counselor, Christian Grief Coach, Joy Restoration Coach, Certified Stress Relief Coach or Relationship Communication Specialist, don't you think God also knows who is best qualified to train you?

I invite you to guess who that might be right now. If you think that He wants to train you Himself, you are exactly right!  So why select PCCCA as your training and certification provider? 

Because here at PCCCA, we confidently and unreservedly put God's word and His plan first.

God wants to be part of everything you do in your personal life as well as your professional life. When you honor Him with your training, He will bring you results greater than you could ever imagine or hope for. PCCCA has always employed the foundation of God's word in our courses. We base all our courses on divine truth from the Holy Bible while some schools only add scripture to support their own ideas. That is a huge difference.

It is critically important for you to have training that agrees with God's word and that does not contain any New Age philosophies.

Remember, the duty to learn your profession and increase your skills is up to you, but the results are up to God. You and I need to do things God's way and when we do, He will make us successful. God has no obligation to sustain or grow our coaching practice when He did not ordain the methods that we use. We can only bear fruit when we are empowered by God to do so.

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:5 NIV

If you have been trying to figure out where to get your training I will urge you to avoid New Age and secular associations.  And they are everywhere, even among schools that claim to offer Christian or Biblical training. Contrary to the propaganda, affiliation with them will not make you successful. That is only something God can do.

" ... Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain ... Psalm 127:1 NIV

Your true measure of success will come when you adhere to God's laws and precepts in everything you do. Then th Lord will lift you up and make you successful. Unless you do things His way, you will forever need to fight the battle for clients alone and according to the world's ways. That's not how I would ever want to do it.

I believe this academy remains a top choice for thousands of Christian students because we honor God first. Since we were founded in 2003, we have held the line and refused to compromise God's word. That's why you won't see PCCCA as a member of New Age or secular coaching or counseling organizations.

When we put God first in every area, He will make sure that we receive all the resources and support we need to complete the work He has set before us.​

​"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." ~ Matthew 6:33 NIV

So how does all of this apply to you?  I am glad you asked. Below I am going to share excerpts from a selection of testimonials this Academy has received.

I think the most accurate picture of the incredible blessings our students experience can be found in their own words.

Please remember, the statements below are not about me but rather reflect what GOD can do with someone's life when they are willing.  Any of these could be your story because what God will do for one person, He will do for another as well.

Why Select PCCCA?

I am very excited about Dr. Leelo's certification programs. I am currently enrolled in the Christian Life Coach course and soon will be enrolled in the Christian Counselor Certification.  After many months of thoroughly researching various Christian programs, Dr. Leelo Bush and her Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy (PCCCA), won hands down. Dr. Bush's professionalism, genuineness, and knowledge of the appropriate subject matter far exceeds that of any other program I looked into. In addition, her support system which includes her emails, her Facebook pages and articles/blogs provide necessary and valuable information for success. To be able to see Christ's light shining bright within her inspires me as a new trainee to complete these courses and further set up my own coaching business. I am grateful and extremely blessed to be a part of this program and looking forward to completion. I highly recommend PCCCA to anyone considering enrollment. Thank you.
~ Elena L. Beal

Elena Beal, Colorado

PCCCA greatly impacted my life because Dr. Leelo Bush is an amazing woman of God, which is quite evident in everything she teaches and stands for. As a Minister myself, I prayed for more wisdom in my counseling style, so that I could impact lives even more. God led me to (Christian life coach training at) PCCCA, where I learned greatly from their (Premier) one-to-one style of coach training. I am a better person with a deeper understanding of my clients' needs and how to help them since I graduated from PCCCA. Also, because of my training with PCCCA my counseling practice has grown tremendously. I admire you and thank you Dr. Leelo Bush for the influence and impact you had on my life. May God bless you always as you continue to touch lives.​"
~ Linda Christine Scarlett

Linda Christine Scarlett, Washington State
CCLC - Counselor - Author

In 2008 I had to stop working outside the home and care for my ill father full-time. It was then I began taking Dr. Bush's courses to keep my mind sharp and give me more skills to earn extra income in ministry after Dad passes. I really enjoyed working one-to-one with my trainer/mentor coach, Todd Miller in the Premier CCLC course at PCCCA) and I have enjoyed taking other courses through Dr. Bush. I am so thankful for her flexibility with me and support as I care for my father and do my studies. I admire and respect Dr. Bush's pursuit of continual learning and development of programs to serve God and others. My goal is to hone my skills, continually grow and learn and one day be a Master Coach utilizing my education and the experiential training given to me by God to help others for His glory.
~ Gordon Rogers

Gordon Rogers, Illinois
Certified Graduate of Multiple PCCCA Courses

When I decided to acquire my coaching certification, I was adamant about enrolling in a purely Christian training program. I wanted no part of any New Age nuances that sometimes parade around as Christian values. I researched several programs before deciding on the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy (PCCCA). The training was academically rigorous and the certification requirements let you know that you had earned that certification. I got my money's worth and I am proud to display my PCCCA certifications on my website. Thank you, Dr. Bush, for the hard work you clearly poured into this program. Thank you for strong accountability and thank you for invaluable lifetime lessons that go far beyond certification.
~ Linda F Williams, MSW, CCLC/CPLC

Linda F. Williams, MSW, Michigan

Dr. Leelo Bush is truly a pillar within God's Kingdom to impart instruction through the integration of wisdom, Bible principles for living, deliverance and with an outcome for empowerment. The curriculum is quite comprehensive yet very clear for the student in pursuit of becoming a Certified Coach or for the person seeking to grow to dimensions God has Purposed for them.  I have truly enjoyed and gained much insight sitting under Dr. Bush . Her passion and demonstrative integrity is the reason I believe the Holy Spirit led me to PCCCA. I have met others who studied elsewhere and I must say, the many concepts covered through PCCCA are not available where they studied. The content is rich and allows the newly Certified Coach to step out with much confidence in God. I am also grateful for the  bits of advice and encouragement from her mini-training topics which provides great mentoring for us as students and graduates. Dr. Bush, I Praise God for you and thank you for allowing Him to use you in this capacity. God Bless you.
~ Rose Campbell

Rose Campbell, Florida

The contents of the Stress Relief course were easy to follow and very well organized. My goal was to learn how to better help others and your course even included how to hold sessions for individuals and groups. I also learned how to create corporate stress management programs. I began coaching and already have paying clients.  It will take some time to build my practice so I can leave my other profession, but I know exactly what I need to do to succeed. By the way, your support team is great and I always receive the answers I need in a timely manner. Thank you for making this training available for us online. Once I get my certification, my wife will be taking the Christian counselor course so we can fulfill our dream of working together to help our church and community.
~ C. J. Smith

C. J. Smith, Pennsylvania

Attending PCCCA has been a blessing to me. The contents of the course is thought-provoking and purpose-driven. This course has allowed me to examine myself and ask God to remove anything in me that would prevent me from becoming an effective Professional Christian Life Coach. Dr. Leelo Bush, emphasizes that prayer is the key ingredient and to let the Holy Spirit guide us. I have begun to pray more for guidance and direction. I have become a better listener and have learned to manage my time, so that I am efficient and productive. I believe this course produces life-changing results for future coaches if a person truly desires to do the will of Christ. Thank you Dr. Leelo Bush!
~ Gloria Ford-Mims

Gloria Ford-Mims, Georgia

Over the past year and half, I have had the opportunity of receiving training and certification through PCCCA as a Certified Christian Life Coach, a Joy Restoration™ Coach, and a Stress Relief Coach, as well as being privileged to attend Dr. Bush’s Barefoot Mastermind ™ seminar and Advanced Coaching course. I am now a candidate to become a Master Christian Life Coach. When I began this training, I knew that I had God’s calling on my life, but I had no direction and few skills to bless others. Through this training, I have learned to listen intentionally before I speak. As I have learned to listen, I have also learned to consider others' perspectives both in my personal life as well as with my clients. Thanks to Dr. Leelo Bush and my training with PCCCA, I am now blessed professionally with my own coaching business and personally with an ability to be compassionate, productive, and filled with joy.  Longtime friends and acquaintances have all commented that they can see the Spirit’s peace flowing through me, even amid significant challenges, because through PCCCA, I have learned specific skills to place God first and allow Him to guide my journey.
~ Wendy Mueller

Wendy Mueller, North Carolina

Several years ago I was praying about my life choices and career. After a few days I was led to contact Dr. Bush regarding the Life Coaching Certification. Taking this course was a great eye-opener. I realized that I was being called to become a Christian Life Coach. Because of the information I learned, my life has made a total change. One of the benefits of her classes is that they are bible-based. They inspired me to change my thought patterns by meditating on the word of God. I have been blessed to use the information to lead the Men's Ministry group in my local church. I was also inspired to write a book on family issues. One of the things I have learned to is let the Holy Spirit flow through me. Thank you Dr. Bush.
~ Marvel Jenkins, CCLC/CPLC

Marvel Jenkins, Texas

"I recently took the training course on Joy Restoration Coaching from the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy and I was greatly blessed, both by the material I studied, as well as by the resources that were made available to me through the Academy. This course has greatly enhanced my professional Coaching skills to help those struggling with life issues to move from painful to joyful living, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to help others overcome their grief and live a happier life."
~ Renato Amato, CJRC, CCGC

Renato Amato, Italy

"My name is Dr. AudreyAnn Moses. I am a PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach. I graduated from PCCCA in 2010 and have been blessed beyond measure since then. God has opened many doors for me because I now have a Christian coaching credential in addition to my previous psychology / counseling background. Clients benefit from my ability to identify with their description of issues they see and feel, while at the same time maintaining my position as a coach, not a psychologist, which helps them to identify their goals and objectives for their life. My background in Christian coaching also has benefited me as a consultant, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker. I am so grateful for the Christian coaching approach I learned while a student with PCCCA and well as the information I received through the emails and newsletters I continue to received as an alumnus. Thank you very much for the assistance received throughout the years. PCCCA is a blessing from God. Continue the good work and God will continue to bless the school. I know he is continually blessing me and my business.
~ Dr. AudreyAnn Moses, CCLC

Dr. AudreyAnn Moses, South Carolina

The training I received from PCCCA has been extremely beneficial to my life. My family has been the primary beneficiary of the training, and they continue to benefit as we grow individually and as a unit. As a Family Systems Coach, clients, friends and people I meet for the first time generally admire and ask what's our secret to communication and keeping our family together.  We understand that the family is one of God's four institutions and that there are Biblical guidelines and protocols to follow on a personal level. Coupled with the relevant training PCCCA provided for me, I help families acquire a wholesome desire to achieve the same benefits and results."
~ Marina Edwards / Trinidad and Tobago

Marina Edwards, Trinidad and Tobago

"Completing the PCCCA's Christian Life Coach Certification training was a wonderful experience for me and definitely enriched my life. I found the course to be very comprehensive and practical at the same time. Not only did I learn through reading the text book, doing the weekly assignments; but also in the one-on-one coaching that I received from my assigned Christian Life Coach. I was able to participate as a client; which further enhanced my learning experience as I witnessed first hand professional coaching modeled for me. I have used this valuable training to grow personally in my involvement with Toastmasters International, where I have been able to successfully compete in Area and Regional Speech Competitions and also earn my Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Award which is the highest achievement you can earn. I now use the Coaching techniques and strategies that I learned from PCCCA to mentor other fellow Toastmasters to help them grow into more effective communicators and leaders.
~ Brian Richards, CCLC

Brian Richards, California 

I am so grateful that I chose the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy to provide me with a quality life coaching program in which I earned certifications as both a Christian Life Coach and a Professional Life Coach. It is important to me to have training that is rooted in the Christian faith. The program is a great value, too! After earning those certifications, I went on to study for and earn certifications in Joy Restoration, Christian Grief Coaching, and Stress Relief Coaching. I always integrate the principles of those programs into my life coaching practice. I have benefited so much from Dr. Bush's teachings and well-researched and presented curriculum. I took advantage of a rare opportunity to work with Dr. Bush in a live class that provided me the tools to become better at marketing my practice and converting potential clients into clients. I think the biggest benefit I received (and there are so many!) is remembering I must live above reproach. Dr. Bush reminds students of this, and this type of living extends into our marketing, personal social media pages, and anywhere else we leave our footprints.
~ Amy Walton

Amy Walton, Virginia
Certified Graduate of Multiple PCCCA Courses

"Thank you Dr Bush. Becoming a Grief and Joy Restoration coach has literally change my life. I am in the military and due to retire within a couple of months. Thanks to the training I received through PCCCA I am now a certified as a CJRC/CCGC. Since obtaining my certifications. I have embarked on this journey to be able to change lives and help people to heal from grief. I am also a newly published author. Thanks to PCCCA. I will start my coaching business full time in the spring of 2017. I am super excited. The training I received is the cornerstone for my new business. I could not be more happier and thankful for this opportunity. The training has really changed my life. Thank you Dr Bush. To God be the Glory.
~ Vernessa Blackwell

Vernessa Blackwell, Maryland
CJRC/CCGC - Author

I am building a school to take in students who have failed to continue their education through the state education system because of Dr. Leelo Bush's coaching lessons. Her lessons and books have transformed my life. Thank God for her beautiful, life-changing coaching.
~ Mervyn Gabarura.

Mervyn Gabarura, Papua New Guinea

"I feel more in control of my mind, my health and my daily routine. The course modules are created with excellence and are very easy to follow."
~ Margaret Rowlett, CJRC

Margaret Rowlett, Florida

I would love to take the opportunity to publicly thank Dr. Bush for the coach training material she has provided for me as I embark on my journey towards becoming a Certified Christian Life Coach. The most helpful aspect for me so far has been the way that the course has been written. It is methodical, easy to follow and understand. It has been invaluable for me to have something which is both Biblically sound and gives me a guide on how to keep my work Spirit-led also. These things are all very important to me. There are so many other courses out there these days, but I have not seen anything with such high standards of excellence while being so easy to relate to and on-task as this one. Thank you Dr Bush and Rev. Evan Bush. May the Lord continue to use you and your training in order to offer excellence and Biblically sound guidance to God's people.  ~ Marlene Bond, Australia

Marlene Bond, Australia

All praise to our God for the Counseling classes! I have learned so much and my certification has opened new doors for me. I discovered as I was writing assignments that I have been called to a specific ministry to prevent divorces from happening - before the covenant of marriage has been made!  The Lord revealed Truth to the first couple I counseled and divorce was prevented as they chose to go their separate ways based on the Truth revealed. I credit, first, The Lord God Almighty and then PCCCA with the insight I had received through the counseling course. I recommend this course for any self-starter. It is thorough and truly Biblically based."
~ Audrey Griffith

Audrey Griffith, Pastor's Wife, Texas
Certified Graduate of multiple PCCCA courses

"I know God has called me to walk along side those who have had all types of losses and deal with grief. I have recently started the Joy Restoration coach training. This course has revolutionized my thinking on grief and how our mind and heart is closely connected. The equipping I am getting from this course is bringing a deeper healing to my own heart and soul. I know when I complete this course I we be well equipped to help many people. I will be able to present to them the hope and joy they can have by choosing to renew their minds changing their thought patterns which will free them from the fear that grips them. I will equip them with the tools needed to expand their comfort zone by doing things in a new way. I would recommend this course to all counselors, mentors and coaches. It will set you apart from the way the world views grief and healing that is needed to take place in our minds and heart.

Tina Young, Minnesota

Becoming a Christian Life Coach created a gateway for speaking life to others with the hope of helping them to recognize their potential and discover the calling upon their lives. I have researched many certification programs however I knew in my heart that I could not settle for just any program. I desired a course that believes in true transformation, which can only come from having a relationship with God; and this program is designed on that premise. I would like to thank Dr. Bush for following the leading of the Holy Spirit, and providing the opportunity for me, to discover my God-given purpose, and the courage to walk-out my unique path."
~ Marilyn Owens, CCLC

Marilyn Owens, Texas 

Today is a new day and everything can change for you when you say, "yes" to your personal and professional growth. God needs you now and you are the only one who can make this decision. 

What will your testimonial say?​

NOTE:  Some of these testimonial statements as well as many others will also appear within the pages of the second edition of my Comprehensive Christian Coaching Handbook, when it is published in the first quarter of 2017. I will announce the availability of the second edition as soon as I have more details so please keep an eye on your email.

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