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Vision Resistance

Vision resistance is actually a form of self sabotage and a state that needs more attention from Christian coaches and counselors.  We have an entire section on the topic of vision in the Christian Professional Coach certification program.three common vision resistance habits we should be aware of:(1)  The first is procrastination. When our client knows […]

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7 Tips For More Ease In Your Life

Who else needs a breath of fresh air in their day? One of our greatest challenges today is managing our emotions. If we could just learn to do that, we could actually live with ease.

Today’s post will contain mindset strategies for peace and practical tips to implement so you enjoy greater ease in your life.

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Create Beneficial Partnerships to Support Your Strengths

There are many benefits for forming a beneficial partnership.

In addition to differences in their gifts, talents and skills, each person also has their own unique goals. Sometimes these goals are easily realized by their own work. Yet more typically each person can benefit from working with one or more other professionals with complimentary skills so they each can benefit in greater ways.

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