Epic Coaching Sessions for Breakthrough
AND 9 Effective Coaching Session Topics!

What do expert coaches and their clients really talk about in coaching sessions? Ever wonder if you could make your sessions more productive to create breakthrough by planning a special schedule of topics?  This article contains excerpts from a new, bonus training file that has been added to the Christian Professional Life Coach Certification Program in the online training center Module 11, entitled, "How to Plan Coaching Sessions and 23 Effective Coaching Session Topics"

My goal for each student is for them to become a world class, Christian, professional life coach. I hope you want this for yourself as much as I do. Learn from everything ... successes and fails. It's all here to teach you. And remember, God uses everything. Let Him use your experiences to guide you to even greater excellence.

Coaching sessions are generally client driven and coach supported. This means the client sets the agenda, unless the coaching is taking place within the parameters of a preset system or program created by the coach.

Be sure to take some time in each session to address challenges and obstacles with your client. Preparation is key.  If the client can identify possible obstacles or challenges, they can be prepared ahead of time so they don’t become blindsided, overwhelmed and frustrated. It will increase your client’s confidence in moving forward and give them the tools needed to overcome these matters, should they occur.

It’s not unusual for the client to begin to procrastinate if they come upon an issue they’re not prepared for. It can cause progress to stall out and once it does, gaining momentum can be difficult because of thoughts the client may have developed around the topic.

If you are looking for ways to increase the value of your sessions by selecting specific topics, I have listed some below.  Maybe this will inspire you to create your own topics or use a few of these within a new program you create.

9 Effective Coaching session topics For Breakthrough:

1. Setting Goals
In this session, the client learns how to set goals and the process to achieve them.

2. Values Clarification
The client becomes more clear about their values and prioritizes what is most important so that their values can guide future goal setting and decision making.

3. Productivity
Here the coach and client review the routine or process the client has a tendency to use in order to optimize opportunities for accomplishing more.

4. Motivation
This session helps both the client and coach discover those factors that influence the client in taking action. May also include discussion on implementation in the future.

5. Faith / God’s Plan
In this session, the coach and client may seek to find God’s plan for the client, discuss taking steps in faith, pray, and seek greater alignment with the client’s calling and discernment.

6. Self-Awareness
Helps the client to understand their own thoughts, emotions and feelings as they pertain to a specific topic. The aim is living and communicating authentically.

7. Accountability
In this session, the life coach will review the actions taken by their client. The purpose is to keep the client moving forward toward their goal(s). Often the benefit is unspoken. Knowing they will be asked about their progress, the client takes action without being prompted.

8. Acquiring Resources
In this session, the coach and client review what resources are needed to complete a particular goal and brainstorm options, eventually compiling a list of ideal resources.

9. Boundaries
Setting boundaries comes after values clarification. Once the client is clear about what is most important to them, they make decisions about how to keep these priorities in their proper place. They may also consider possible disruptions and decide ahead of time how they will be handled.


There is much more you need to know about creating epic coaching sessions that bring about the client's breakthrough and motivate your clients to give you great testimonials and send referrals. I want to train you to be the best. There are 14 additional, valuable topics along with more how-to's included among the coaching session training documents in Module 11 downloads in the CCLC/CPLC course. I hope you'll join us!

Got a coaching session topic or an experience to add that we can learn from? Please leave it in the comments near the bottom of this page.

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