Leadership Skills To Prepare Us
For The Future 

Now is the time to prepare for future opportunities. But before you can take on new roles, you must first learn leadership skills that show others you are walking your talk. One of the first things we do in Christian life coach certification training is help you evaluate and fine tune your inner life and heart. This is where all true transformation begins.

Our students are often surprised at the almost immediate changes they begin to experience during training. It is always amazing what God can do with a person’s heart and mind when they are willing. And don’t kid yourself, regardless of how mature a believer you are, you are still a work in progress. All of us are, as long as we live.

In order to coach, counsel, or minister to others, the way we live and act needs to demonstrate the Christ within us. Unless we do, we won't be taken seriously.

We have a great advantage in learning leadership skills because we have Jesus as our role model. Each day we can grow to be more like Christ and this will be evident to the world before we say a word. Jesus demonstrated servant leadership to us. The least will become the greatest.

When we can become humble in our role, we can achieve our full potential within our divine calling. This requires developing a Christi-like character and developing leadership skills in order to lead others in a way that is aligned with God’s plan. 

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In this article we will take a look at the types of leadership skills that will prepare us for the future. This will help you evaluate where you are in your growth as a leaders and where we can benefit from training, coaching or further experience.

As Christian leaders, life coaches and counselors, we must shore up our skills by immersing ourselves in training and community that supports our growth.

Our Christian life coach certification program provides the training and community (online private group) to support each member in their growth.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the leadership skills we need to keep developing.  

(The complete list, exercises plus assessment - quiz are in the new BONUS DOWNLOAD entitled Leadership Skills To Prepare Us For The Future plus QUIZ now added to Module 3 of the Christian Life Coach certification program.)

Leadership Skills To Develop

Become a great role model
When others see you as a leader, your actions speak louder than words. Always consider, “how can I live a more Christ-like life before those God has given me to lead?”

Respect and value others
When others are aware they are respected and valued, they feel more confident and capable of taking on their tasks. Look for ways to recognize others publicly for the value of their contributions.

Improve cooperation
When all members of a group share the same vision for their purpose and goal, cooperation improves. Be sure to communicate and reinforce the shared values of the group to inspire others to achieve the common goal. Consider, how can you engage others to communicate the vision and increase each member’s internal motivation to achieve the desired outcome.

Improve the process
The greater your effectiveness, the better your team will function. It is said, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the team.”  Look for ways to become more effective, which will translate to faster results. Ask your team members to look for and tell you when they find better ways of doing things.  Then share the tips with your team.

Enable others
As coaches, counselors and ministry leaders, our goal is to help others accomplish their individual tasks to reach the goal. Consider, “In what ways can I empower and better equip those I lead to more easily reach our shared goal?”

Which of the leadership skills mentioned in this article is your favorite? Which one needs more work? Or, have a question? Please share your thoughts in our comments below. I will respond to all of them!


Leadership skills will make us far more effective when we coach, counsel, and minister to others. There is much more you need to know about leadership skills to bring cohesiveness, inspiration, and motivation and I want to train you to be the best. There are many additional, valuable skills along with an assessment quiz included among the coaching session training documents in Module 3 downloads in the CCLC/CPLC course. I hope you'll join us!

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