How To Become An Agent of Sudden Change

It was on our way home from church Sunday that I found myself reflecting deeply about how many Christian coaches have unknowingly stifled the coaching they were created to do.

The sermon had been about how we need to create an environment around us and within us that the Holy Spirit feels welcome to abide on a full time basis. The Bible tells us that we are each the temple of the Holy Spirit. To most of us that means, the Holy Spirit resides within us but it can be much, much more than that.

It occurred to me that once we become a trained Christian life coach, we need to create an environment where the Holy Spirit can work powerfully through us. But this does not necessarily happen within the walls of our office or on a coaching call. Coaching needs to be available to help those around us as naturally as we breathe.

Jesus gave us the best example. He did not spend his days preaching in a temple. The Word tells us He went around doing good.  If we use Jesus’ model, coaching by the power of the Holy Spirit can manifest from within us wherever we are, at home, in the grocery store or out fishing with a buddy in our boat.

fishing on a boat

Coaching skills reside within us, not external to us. If we invite the Holy Spirit to partner in helping others, He will give us the exact words we need at the exact moment we need them. Wherever we are at any given moment, the coaching is within us, ready and available to help others, if we become laser focused on the needs around us.

Sometimes we can feel insecure about coaching if we don’t have a formal practice or a professional setting. Don’t use lack of an office as an excuse to not coach others. It’s not about you and your stuff but rather about what God will do through you, if you are willing.

It wasn’t too long into my coaching career that I began to witness the power of flowing with the Holy Spirit in my coaching conversations. There would be times in sessions, when I would speak words spontaneously, which would pierce through the matter and leave my clients astounded, dumbfounded, in tears sometimes, but always with exactly what they needed to quickly help them resolve the matter.

If you were my student or client when this happened, you know exactly what I'm talking about and will likely remember the event for the rest of your life.  I know I will.

I knew beyond a doubt that the words were not mine because the thoughts had previously not even occurred to me. It could only have been God speaking through me.

Leelo, my wife, tells me she regularly has similar experiences. Many of our PCCCA graduate coaches tell of cases like these as well.  If you have yet to see this in your own coaching, it is available for you also, if you seek God for it.  The CCLC training at this Academy, which Leelo designed based on scripture, equips you step-by-step to coach in this way.

"And you know that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit
and with power. Then Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were
oppressed by the devil, for God was with him."  Acts 10:38   NLT

We as Christian life coaches can become “agents of sudden change”. I am not suggesting that every situation gets solved in the blink of an eye. Coaching in most cases, involves an ongoing process. But at the same time, God’s transforming power has the capability to suddenly change everything when we are willing to allow God to work through us.

It is my prayer that you share your heart with God and ask Him daily to use you, wherever you are. Tell him you are willing to be used to help others in any and every way, regardless of how humble. Then keep a journal to record your experiences as God begins to use you in even more miraculous and wonderful ways.

Please tell me and our readers about any Holy Spirit experiences
in your coaching sessions, in the COMMENTS area below.  Remember when God
acts, it is not only for you or me.  It is also our obligation to tell others of
His love, power, mercy and grace.

...................................   By Evan Bush, MCLC, President of PCCCA   ...................................

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