How to Increase Your Productivity Overnight

As life coaches, we are expected to exemplify superior productivity and time management. But sometimes, even as we help others, you need more support with better skills and tools to rise above the noise and increase your productivity. In this post, I will share tips you can use immediately along with an easy-to-use, free tool you don’t want to miss because it can be a major game-changer for you.

Start by de-cluttering your work area to resist multi-tasking.

Stats show that multi-tasking reduces the quality of your work because you lack focus. When you work, do your very BEST work, nothing less. By decluttering your work space you remove all additional distractions both on your desk and your computer. If you work in a clean, simplified space, your focus will increase.

So with any distractions minimized, work on the task at hand and only the task at hand. There are many things that may try to pull you away but don’t check your email and stay away from social media. Work on that one task, and work on it with concentrated focus until you are done. Then celebrate having achieved your goal!

Get clear about your priorities and take care of them first.

Those matters that need to be completed that day should take priority over anything else. However, we all know that interruptions are inevitable. Phone calls, critical email requests and folks dropping by your office create new demands that could push your priorities aside. But just be aware that if you put off your priorities until later in the day, you could end up missing your deadline.

Do your best to get your top 3 priorities for the day completed before you move on to other things. If you can do that, you will substantially reduce your stress and enjoy the balance of your day.

Sort and edit.

Consider all of the information bombarding you all day, including email, media, radio, tv, blogs, newspapers, etc. Make it your goal to reduce that by 50%. By that I mean, reduce your information sources by 50% only keeping the most accurate and critical. Also reduce the time you spend with them by 50%.

"By decluttering your work space you remove all additional distractions both on your desk and your computer. If you work in a clean, simplified
space, your focus will increase."

Suddenly you have freed up approximately 75% of the time you previously indulged with information sources. Doing this, you will drastically reduce the time formerly spent with reading. After you complete this process, stay firm about the information you take in. When you see something new, and you will, ask yourself if the information is critical. If not, dispatch the source or delegate it to a team member. 

This should free up a good amount of your time so you can make space for additional goal-related tasks.

Avoid meetings if at all possible.

But if you must meet with someone, ensure to make the most of your time. My instinct is to say “no” to meeting requests because I have a very full schedule and I have learned to leave margin to avoid stress. All you need to say is, “I’m sorry I can’t make it. I am tied up with a time-sensitive project right now.” Since I always have projects that I’m working on with timelines established, it’s the absolute truth.

Disconnect from your internet as much as possible.

Brendon Burchard

This means you will be working off-line whenever your work does not require internet access. Brendon Burchard, well known motivation expert says that our email box is nothing more than an organizing system for other people’s agendas. Burchard says to avoid checking email until the end of your work day instead of the beginning.

An additional suggestion is to set a timer when you go online. And this leads me to my next tip.

Create lists of tasks that need to be done with deadlines attached.

A good idea is to set aside 15 minutes at the end of each work day, to plan your next day. Better yet, “chunk” similar tasks together. These lists are an indispensable method of knowing in advance those tasks that you are going to work on that day.

Fine tune your productivity with a time management tool.

One shortcoming of the typical list is that it does not allow you to pinpoint down to the minute, how your day was spent in order to improve your productivity.

You may not believe that it’s possible to get that focused when managing your time but these days with ever increasing demands on our time, we can.

What if you could identify which tasks you are excelling at and which ones you are wasting your all too precious time? You can do precisely this with the software I am about to tell you about.

What this productivity software helps you do, is allocate chunks of time to all your tasks. Then, you can activate a timer for the task you are working on. When the task is complete, you hit the stop button for that particular task and software will record in the log whether you finished early, on time or late. At the time of this post, you will find a link to download this software absolutely free for a limited time.


What you do is set up all your tasks ahead of time and then you activate each individual task in the software when you begin it. This allows you see the tasks you are completing quickly and easily as well as the ones you are struggling with.

Only when you have this kind of information, can you take steps to improve on time-intensive tasks. If you are completing the same or similar tasks well before the time allotted, you can reduce the time you allow next time you take on the same task. This will lead to a productivity gain because you will now have more time to allocate to other tasks.

I think it is fair to say that some people are not fond of having their time managed down to the minute. You might be one of them. You might feel this adds extra pressure to your day. This can be a valid concern and will depend on where you work and your personality type. If this is the case, you may find that a to-do list is more than enough to help you get done what needs to be done.

On the other hand, if you really want to take your productivity and time management to a much higher level I have a great tool for you. When you optimize your time, your income and overall life satisfaction are bound to increase as well.

Download your software HEREsorry, this offer has expired.

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