Time Management Tips for Coaches and Counselors

Time management should be the same for everyone. Yet, for coaches and counselors who are self-employed, they have an extra task of figuring out exactly what needs to get done. Unlike their agency or corporate counterpart, there is no boss stating what tasks need to get complete by when. In today’s article I have some great time management tips for independent coaches and counselors.

Time is a non-renewable resource. Once it's gone, it's gone forever.
How will you invest yours?​

Of course, most people dream of being in that independent position. But it can be challenging just the same. You have no accountability when there is no boss telling you what to do. You are the boss, which means you need to have a good handle on what tasks to perform that will be the most optimal in satisfying your business goals.

"Will this task move me closer to creating more
revenue or further away from it?"

It’s quite easy to fill up a to-do list with a bunch of tasks for the sake of appearing busy, either to yourself or a spouse. But are these tasks ones that will lead to producing more income for your business? For this, you need a plan to align the goals of your business with the right kinds of tasks to be completed.

Put on your business hat and ask yourself about any task, “Will this move me closer to creating more revenue, or further away from it?” If you are like many coaches and counselors, if you are REALLY honest, your answer will be that the task is moving you further away. You may find yourself strongly pulled toward connection with others and pushed away from the less pleasant tasks of building your practice, creating a budget and staying on track with a marketing plan. 

Just remember, what you focus on will expand grow. Conversely what you ignore will dwindle and collapse eventually.

Connecting your desires to help others with earning an income can at times feel unnatural. Yet, this is one of your most important tasks. At the same time it poses the greatest challenges that heart/faith centered coaches and counselors have. The bottom line is that unless you can create sustainable income, you won’t be able to continue your business of helping others.

Now is the time to determine whether you want a business or a hobby. The definition of a business is to exchange a product or service for money at a profit. If you are not doing this, you don’t have a business, or at least not yet.

For the purposes of this article on time management, let’s look at the tasks you are performing and whether they move you closer to greater income or further away.

Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else. quote https://pccca.org blog

As an example, many coaches and counselors believe that making more connections on social media is going to bring them a windfall of business. While social media can be an important component in reinforcing connections, it is often not a driver of sales. Therefore, if you are of the belief that it is the main source of leads, you could be wasting a lot of your precious time on these networks.

Another factor that self-employed coaches and counselors often have to contend with is the task of bringing in new business. In the short term, this is an activity that doesn’t generate income, at least not until the lead converts to a sale. If that sale is not recurring, this process continues over and over again. Two ways around this are to create recurring income in your practice that grows month after month or outsource the lead generation. Either will free you up for income generating tasks.

Another way to continue working on revenue producing tasks and still bring in new business is to hire a sales team. You can set it up so that the team only gets paid on commission, so it won’t cost you anything to implement this. If your business is such that you can give them higher incentives for more sales, this can be a great way to bring in those leads quickly.

But when you are first starting out, hiring a sales time may not be realistic. The alternative then would be to bring affiliates on board, who can refer your service or product. They would get paid when sales are made on a predetermined commission basis. You will need an affiliate management system to do this properly. Last week’s post has a link to my preferred system.

"What you focus on will expand grow. Conversely what you ignore will dwindle and collapse eventually."

That said, focusing on completing the right kinds of tasks on a daily basis is going to make all the difference in the success of a self-employed coach and counselor.

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