7 Steps To Launch Your Coaching or Counseling Service or Product

Helping one of my business coaching clients recently got me thinking that this would be a great opportunity to share some easy and effective tips on how you can launch your new enterprise, ministry or offer.  The steps are the same, regardless of what you are launching. Below I will give you 7 steps to launch your coaching or counseling service or product.

Most people create their offer, hoping it will be a great success. What I frequently see when folks are launching their offer for the first time is that they might send a notice out to their email list and that's it. Then, when they don't get the expected amount of sales, they get depressed and say their offer must've been worthless. That is just not true.

It takes a lot more than one notice to have a successful sale. It takes a process and series of actions that actually builds to a successful launch. Planning and implementing a launch sequence will get you much greater results.

"It takes a lot more than one email notice to
have a successful sale. It takes a system."

Whenever you bring out a new service product or program, it is my suggestion that you do a well thought out launch.

Below are eight basic steps to create a launch of your own. You can apply this to any product, program or service.

Create curiosity beforehand

Presumably you have researched your market and determined that your product, service our program is desirable to them. Here's what you do next. Before your offer is ready for sales, begin getting your email list curious and excited about it. Also use social media to let your followers know that something exciting is coming soon.

Develop your sales and thank you web pages

Most people I believe, develop their sales page after their product has been created. It is my belief you should begin developing your sales page before you create your offer contents. Why should you do this? Working on both side by side will allow you to develop better content and create more clarity on the solutions you will deliver.

When you were writing your sales page, remember to focus on the benefit your customer will receive. The benefit is more important in the purchasing decision than the features.
What I mean by this is that your customer cares more about losing 25 pounds then they do about your product containing 85 pages. The weight-loss is the benefit the 85 pages is a product feature.

Then, create your thank you page. This is the page your customer will land on after they make the purchase. This page can contain instructions on how to access their purchase or if it is a digital product, it can even contain the download link.

Create the product in a digital shopping cart

Hopefully you are subscribed to a shopping cart program. If not, here is a link to http://leelocart.com, which is one of the main services I use.

Depending upon your price point you may want to offer a single payment and a payment plan. In my experience about 50% of buyers select the payment plan so consider what it will cost you not to have that option.

Then create the "BUY" button on your sales page.

Create an incentive to buy it now

I have been watching this for a long time and I have to tell you that buying habits have not changed much since 2003. Your potential customers may absolutely love what you are offering but unless you give them an authentic, compelling reason to buy now they may put that purchase decision off forever. One incentive that can help encourage customers to buy now is to add a bonus for early adopters. A bonus could mean adding another product or maybe even one to one time with you. You will have to test and see what moves the needle for your contacts.

Notify your contacts via email and social media

The purpose of these emails and social media posts is to get possible buyers to click on a link that will take them to your sales page. That is it. Leave the details of your product service or program on the sales page it's self. You may wish to give a special, discounted invitation to those who have already purchased from you. If you use the same shopping cart service that I use, linked above, you can create coupon codes to make the discount process easy at checkout.

Continue to send notices and post to social media.

LeeloCart Image https://pccca.org/ blog

Most people are afraid to send too many emails and I understand that reasoning. However, with all the email that my customers receive, sometimes it is not until the fifth or sixth email that someone makes a purchase because they finally saw my offer! The other emails simply got lost in the stack and weren't opened. Certainly, sometimes when I send an email, one or two people may unsubscribe. We never want to see anyone go away but on the other hand you don't want those who really want and need our offer, to miss your notice either.

Ask others to promote your offer also

The absolute, best way to get others to promote for you is to reward them with a commission. The higher your commission, the more excited others will be to help you. You do need a special affiliate system to be able to do this and the shopping cart system I told you about above, also contains an affiliate management system. If you decide to set up an affiliate program, you absolutely must have a management system. Otherwise it could become a nightmare trying to figure out dates of purchases, commissions paid, terms, etc.

Now that you have a better understanding about how to deploy a launch, I hope this gives you lots of great ideas.

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