How To Use Writing To Create The Life You Want

As Christian life coaches and counselors, we know that our futures are not set in stone. We know that our lives can be changed. A remarkable tool for life change can be a pen or pencil. Allow me to explain how you can use writing to create the life you want. Below I will share many tips and strategies that you can begin to use immediately.

Processing your emotions

How many times have we felt as though we were facing vast confusion in our lives? I know that I have. I have often wished that I could see the facts clearly laid out in front of me so that I could make the best decisions. That has a lot to do with why I created the Decision Making Guide – PRO Version that can be found in our bookstore. But the benefits of writing far exceed that.

Process your emotions by writing.

Writing is a simple way to understand and come to terms with situations or emotions is to write down whatever it is that you are thinking or what is bothering you. This allows us to internalize them and become more capable of solving any problems.

Clearing your mind

There are many ways that we can clear our mind and here is how to do so by writing.

To achieve higher levels of thinking and problem-solving, we need to clear our minds of unimportant details or irrelevant thoughts. An effective way to accomplish this is to "Core Dump".

Core dumping is a method explained by productivity consultant, David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done. Allen's method involves simply listing everything that you need to do that day. To do this, helps you to clear your mind in order to allow you to focus on what is most important at that moment.

Another method of mind clearing is to write down your stream of consciousness in the early hours of the morning each day. It is important in the process for you to write continuously without stopping to think or it edit what you are putting on the page. I think you can probably accomplish the same thing by either dictating into your smart phone, notes file or tapping away at the keyboard of your computer. But the idea is to continue downloading information without stopping or censoring.

Julia Cameron, who wrote The Artist's Way, calls this method, "morning pages". Julia proposes writing three pages or at least 750 words from your stream of consciousness first thing each morning as a way to clear your mind. To do so leaves only those important thoughts that you need to focus on for the day.

If you currently have an early morning quiet time with the Lord, why not include writing?​

"You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.
Then it shall come about when the LORD your God brings you into the land
which He swore to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give you,
great and splendid cities which you did not build."

~ Deuteronomy 6:9​-10

Create a record

Creating records or as we popularly know it as diary keeping, has been undertaken for centuries. This is a powerful tool for keeping records of activities and actions. When you are able to re-read these posts, you get to remember the past including your thoughts and feelings at that time.

Many people use this method to keep records of God's blessings in their lives. Doing this allows you to revisit the wonderful gifts you have received from our loving Father. This is particularly helpful on days when we had difficulty feeling positive or empowered.

Keeping a diary allows you to gain understanding and insight over the course of time. Another benefit is the realization of your strengths and feeling of accomplishment by reviewing your achievements.


Speaking of achievements, why not keep a record of them? This could be beneficial to your self-confidence as well as self-knowledge. There are a few different types of writing. That will easily help you do this. They are:

diary keeping
creating lists of goals
writing to-do lists

One of the best reasons to record your achievements is that it allows you to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments, big or small.

Think big!

Your dreams and goals are important because they help you learn, grow and achieve success. Writing down your hopes and dreams allows you to not only dream about the future you'd like but to visualize it as well.

If you are familiar with vision boarding, you know doubt understand that by visualizing your dreams, you are making them more real. In this case, the written record of your "big" thoughts will help you stay on track by visualizing them. It is a well-known fact that we will move in the direction of our focus.

If you want your life to change, then using some of these writing techniques will be very helpful. But using one or more of the methods I mentioned, you will be creating a commitment to change and self-improvement. You can then set goals, hold yourself accountable for making needed changes and monitor your progress.

Get specific

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use writing to create your life - sign from God

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