My Interview with Jon Fuller on His “Are You Real” Podcast

"Have you ever started out headed to one place and ended up somewhere completely different?" asks Jon Fuller from Are You Real, a trending podcast for Christian listeners, on iTunes. "Maybe it was with a job, or a project you were working on. Dr. Bush has been there, and she is here on the show to talk to ROAR Nation about it today."

This was Jon's intro to our interview and it gets pretty thought-provoking. He asks about my journey into Christian coaching and I can't resist sharing some little-known facts about me going back to my childhood, things I've never publicly talked about. 

If you are new to my world, you may not be aware that I was not born with a silver spoon and I certainly wasn't just handed this wonderful academy.  It was quite a journey to grow into my current role.

As we talk about some of my challenges and Jon's ... it's my hope that you'll discover how to solve your own.  Maybe you will even have an "aha" moment or two.

Are You Real Podcast Header for Leelo Bush Oct 3 2017

in Episode 71 of Are You Real  You'll Learn:

  • A little about my past and present
  • When I discovered life coaching and how PCCCA was born
  • Challenges I had to face early in life and as an entrepreneur
  • How I got through those challenges
  • What made me realize I wasn’t made to work for someone else
  • I reveal my biggest strengths and weaknesses
  • What God is doing with me right now
  • Personal habits that bring me closer to the Lord
  • What I would tell my younger self 
  • and a whole lot more....
Click To Listen .... Episode 71 over at Are You Real

Remember, nothing happens unless we show up and take action, so I invite you to head over to Are You Real and click the play button to listen to our conversation.

Last but definitely not least, my readers and I greatly value your thoughts and comments. Please tell us about your own revelations and thoughts down below in the comments section!

Love and blessings,

Leelo Bush, Ph.D.
CEO & Director of Training
PCCCA / Beautiful Life International, LLC

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