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Do you ever wonder when you will finally begin to live the life you are meant to live? You long for a day when you are free to follow the Lord's leading and fulfill your calling. It could be that unresolved grief from long ago is buried underneath your frustrations.

Studies have shown that experiencing a loss can leave you with unresolved grief even years later. The feelings may gradually become your new normal so you don't even realize what's happening. Yet, for some reason you are stuck.

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Resolving grief and returning to joy is our topic today. Are you willing?

Feelings of grief can arise from any type of loss. It can be loss of health, loss of a pet, foreclosure, loss of a job and of course, loss of a loved one.

Loss typically comes with grief. It’s normal to mourn a loss before moving on with your life. However, a loss can leave you reeling immediately and eventually fade into unresolved grief if it's left unaddressed.

Resolving grief and returning to joy is our topic today.

Feelings of grief can arise from any type of loss. It can be loss of health, loss of a pet, foreclosure, loss of a job and of course, loss of a loved one. In this article, you’ll learn 4 ways to overcome unresolved grief. At the conclusion, I’ll give you a resource so you can specialize in resolving grief and even get certified, but for now, let’s learn how to free yourself to live the life you deserve.

Imagine being able to identify unresolved grief and overcome it using God’s word. There are action steps you can take to build resilience and inner strength so that grief no longer stops you from living the life you deserve. My goal is for you to be ready for these times because no one is immune and our society sure doesn't prepare you. Once you are armed with these skills, your life will open up and you'll also be able to help others overcome grief in a matter of months rather than years.

I find that most Joy Restoration students are initially dealing with some sort of unresolved grief, be it great or small. And sometimes they don’t even realize it until they begin to feel better during the course. They finally saw the difference when they looked back.

This “aha” moment is when you become convinced of the power of what you are learning.


If someone you care about is grieving, don’t say, “I know how you feel.”  You don’t.  And don’t say, “Just give it time.” This can be more depressing than helpful to the sufferer.

Instead say, “I’m so sorry. I’m here for you and I’m happy to listen if you feel like talking.” Then be there and listen without sharing your own story. The grieving person needs it to be all about them during these times.

Stephanie Reck of Manna Express says, “Unresolved grief is different than normal grief. With grief there is closure eventually, such as with the death of a loved one. But with unresolved grief there is no closure.” With the right tools, you can get closure and move on from your grief.

The best way to overcome unresolved grief and help others do the same is to use biblical principles. The power of God's word reaches to the depth of your loss-related sorrow and gives you a newfound life of daily joy. 

#1 How To Tell If You Have Unresolved Grief

If you want to help others overcome their unresolved grief, you need to first identify it in your life. Robert Taibbi, L.C.S.W. in his article, gives some signs of unresolved grief. These are: irritability, continued obsessing, fear of loss, behavioral overreaction, apathy, numbness, among others.

Identifying the problem is the beginning of resolving it. It’s hard to heal when you don’t know the genesis of your behavioral changes. Only God can reveal where you are stuck in your grieving process. When you stop mourning and start living, you can live the life you deserve and help others too.

Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God. - 1 Corinthians 4:5

#2 How To Deal With Your Unresolved Grief Using God’s Word

God’s word is powerful and it will show you where you are stuck because of the great losses you have experienced. As you read the Bible, God will give you his promises that will bring healing to your heart.

God gave us His word because it has solutions for every situation we encounter in life. Jesus Christ is your hope and salvation and if you abide in him, He will help you grieve to completion. It’s important to know how to apply the word of God to overcome unresolved grief.

Within our specialized dual-certification Joy Restoration / Christian Grief Coach certification program, this topic is addressed in more depth.

“He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.” - Psalm 107:20

#3 Action Steps You Can Take To Deal With Unresolved Grief

When you take the grief coach training, you’ll find many tools to help you rise above the grief that has tormented you longer than you imagined. Life will begin to look bright and beautiful again. You don’t have to live with doom and gloom because you are stuck with the pain of unresolved grief.

Start the journey of healing today and free yourself to live the life you deserve. Here are three action steps from the course to get you started:

  • Identify the stages of grief.
  • Overcome faulty thinking.
  • Understand that happiness is a choice and begin using the strategies you learn. 

“But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.” - Psalm 68:3

Student Testimonial

“I feel more in control of my mind, my health and my daily routine. One of the sessions even helped me to have peace in a very upsetting situation!!
I most certainly would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to begin coming out of the dark and live the life God has planned for them to live.”

Margaret Rowlett

Certified Joy Restoration Coach

#4 Strengthen Your Inner Being 

When you experience prolonged grief, it may be an indicator that you lack sufficient internal resilience to deal with it. The result is that life’s difficult situations knock you down and you can’t get up. You will bottle up your emotions only for them to resurface at the wrong time and maybe even hurt others.

God gave us the Holy Spirit to strengthen our inner being so we won’t fall apart when faced with loss. Developing inner strength is a strategy to overcoming your unresolved grief. With grief out of the way, joy and happiness will fill your heart and you can enjoy life again. Joy Restoration training will show you how to build your inner strength.

“I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being.”  - Ephesians 3:16

Student Testimonial​

“Dr. Bush, Just had to share some excitement and blessing with you. A local ministry that serves our community contacted me to provide some coaching seeing I had my Christian Life Coaching certification and was working on my Joy Restoration certificate...I'll be able to charge a fee for my grief coaching services upon completion of my training...I am MOST excited about learning and sharing your "7-Step Happiness by Choice Method." Your program is AWESOME! Can't thank you enough.”

Tony Hawkins

Joy Restoration Coach (in training)


The 4 points above show you that overcoming unresolved grief will free you to live the life you deserve. Our training will equip you with tools for joy restoration. This means you can identify unresolved grief, get biblical tools to deal with it, learn action steps you can take, and build your inner strength to better handle grief. Having resolved your grief, your life will be transformed and your confidence to help others who are grieving will soar. We’ll dive deeper into the process within our Joy Restoration training.

Life application: Do you know anyone with unresolved grief?  If they are willing to receive coaching, you can help restore their quality of life within months, rather than years.

With the Joy Restoration / Christian Grief Coach certification program you’ll learn to help your family and community deal with grief. This specialty training is a good addition to your other coaching and/ or counseling skills. You’ll become prepared to help those who are dealing with grief from any type of loss. Regardless of the source of grief, God’s solution is the same.  Dr. Bush’s 7 Step signature system is unequalled in it’s effectiveness.  Armed with these skills, you can make a huge difference in the world. 

Want to learn more?

PCCCA's dual-certification Joy Restoration / Christian Grief Coach certification program will help you develop a specialty in working with clients who need help in relieving their grief and loss, regardless of its source. As a BONUS, you also receive a License to offer Dr. Bush’s signature 7-Step Happiness by Choice Method.

Yes, you read it right. When you take this course you'll receive TWO certifications, one to use in the church or ministry and the other to use in the world. So regardless of where the Lord leads you to help others, you have a credential to support you.

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Visual depiction of digital course content provided inside our exclusive online training center.

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