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Are you or your clients stressed out? If you answered “yes", you are like most people today. During the time when I was developing and writing the Stress Relief Coach training and certification program, I learned how it is imperative for our health, that we remain as stress-free as possible.

The Bible prophesied that there would come a time when men’s hearts would fail them. We are seeing the effects of our lifestyles and choices manifest today. But the good news is that it is not too late to turn this around.

Reducing stress in your life will not only make you feel better in the short term, it will also protect your health long term.

In the Davidson, K.W., Mostofsky, E. & Whang, W. study in 2010, found in European Heart Journal) the research team explored the association between “positive” feelings such as happiness, joy, contentment and enthusiasm and the development of coronary heart disease over the span of one decade. They discovered that for each percentage point increase in positive affect on a 5-point scale, the rate of heart disease dropped by 22 percentage points.

That provides astounding evidence that happiness other positive feelings lead to a longer life, and well, a more pleasant journey. Even though the results of this study do not prove that by increasing good feelings decreases risks to your heart, researchers recommend boosting your positive feelings by making time for activities you enjoy each day.

Here are some other tips for relieving stress:

  • Determine the cause of stress. Become aware of your state of mind throughout each day. If you begin to feel anxious or stressed, make a note of the cause, your thoughts and your mood. Once you become aware of exactly what is upsetting you, it’s far easier to create a plan to address it. It may involve creating more realistic expectations of others or even yourself. It may mean asking for help with your tasks, assignments and other duties. This may be a good time to make a list of your obligations, determine your priorities and then either delegate or delete any tasks that are not critical they be done by you.
  • Develop strong relationships. Personal relationships can easily become a source of major stress. Research found that angry or hostile reactions from one’s spouse cause instant physiological changes in stress hormones. (Kiecolt-Glaser, J. & Glaser, R.) At the same time, good relationships can also serve to reduce stress. If you are having a difficult time, reach out to those close to you and tell them what’s going on. Their support may provide useful ideas or new point of view as you determine how to solve what is the cause of your stress.
  • Take 10. Give yourself a chance to renew your composure. If something got you hot under your collar (angry), excuse yourself. Take a walk or do another physical activity so you can work off some steam. Additionally, exercise increases the happy hormones (endorphines) to improve your mood. It’s a great idea to talk a walk or do another form of exercise every day. This will reduce stress levels and keep you healthy.
  • Ask for help! Don’t wait until you feel completely overwhelmed. A coach can help with stress, particularly one certified as a Stress Relief Coach. If you need help with stress or if you have clients who need stress relief, consider this training to equip yourself to help others more powerfully.

We want to hear from you.​ Tell me and our readers about your experiences with stress in the COMMENTS area at the bottom of this page.  Have you helped clients with stress?  What have been your solutions?  

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