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EPISODE 13 – The Cure For Stress

This episode is about real solutions for our society’s #1 problem: stress. Join me to discover your own cure for stress.  We will discuss what stress is, what causes it, how it looks in your life, the resulting behaviors and lots and lots of ways to overcome it. We’ll discuss the challenges among the medical […]

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EPISODE 12 – How Important Are Coaching Credentials?

There’s been a lot of discussion for years already about whether someone should get coaching credentials. After all, since coaching is not regulated, anyone can call themselves a coach and hang their shingle. In this episode I address: How important are coaching credentials? Will your prospective clients expect you to be certified? Will your credential […]

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EPISODE 9 – Stop Missing Opportunities

How many times have you seen this happen? A new product or invention comes to market and someone says, “Hey, that was my idea!” “Great ideas are a dime a dozen but implementation is priceless.” says Mary Kay Ash, the late founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Ideas are opportunities.  And even when negative events happen, […]

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EPISODE 8 – How To Coach Deeply

Today we are going to talk about a skill that is really more about what we don’t do, than what we do.  In order to coach deeply, we need to hold the space for our client. When we coach in this way, it may appear to take longer to achieve results at times, but the results […]

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