We did it! The 1st Annual Christian Coaching Week Was A Success!

Christian Coaches from around the globe joined in for our 1st Annual Christian Coaching Week from February 14th to 20th and it was a huge success! I get goosebumps as I read the reports of participant experiences. The goal of Christian Coaching Week is to create greater awareness of the Christian Coaching profession and offer an opportunity for Christian coaches to start and grow their coaching businesses and ministries.

Participation increased each coach’s credibility, visibility and personal resolve to fulfill their God-given vision.

I am so humbled that God chose to give me the vision to create this event and have a 10,000 foot view over the global Christian life coaching profession and the remarkable results our participants created.

Lesson:  When we obediently complete tasks that God gives us a vision to do, He will give us even greater visions and goals!

Here are some interesting statistics from the 1st annual Christian Coaching Week:

183 registered participants from 17 countries including Brazil, Switzerland, Nigeria, United States, Canada, Cameroon, South Africa, India, Myanmar, Brunei, Namibia, Cambodia, Australia, Zambia, New Guinea, Ethiopia and the United Kingdom.

32 of our 50 US states were represented. They were Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, Connecticut, Washington State, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York, Missouri, Mississippi, Illinois, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Nevada.

The top states based on number of participants were as follows:
Texas had 14 participants (Texans always do things in a BIG way!)
Georgia had 13
Florida had 11
California had 9
Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois and Pennsylvania each had 8
Ohio, Maryland and Tennessee had 7 each.

The United States and Canada were countries with the highest number of participants.

There is no time like now to get ready.  If you need training, you will find the courses listed at https://pccca.org/courses/  If you begin now, you will be done in plenty of time to launch or grow your Christian coaching ministry or business during the next​ Christian Coaching Week and take advantage of all the free resources and promotional opportunities we provide.

The statistics would not be relevant without the personal experiences. Here are statements from a few of the participants from their Facebook posts.  I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can participate next year. 

Marvel Jenkins Christian Life Coaching week was a blast. I gave a talk at church and people signed up for my up and coming Newsletter. As a result I have been asked to speak at the North Central Texas Youth Federation on March 12, 2016 at Southwestern Adventist University on the subject of Love. I will be one of eight speakers there. I am requesting your prayers as I prepare.

Joni Overton Huff Just re-read our whole (private) Facebook page and learned even more info. Look forward to next year when I've finished my classes and have put into practice the training and some of these ideas. Loved the info and have copied and pasted lots of it into documents to keep. Look forward to keeping in touch with some of the participants. Thank you.

Dodge Dawn I loved the concept and resources made available to me instantly at registration. Next year I hope to get more involved.

Kim Hansen Castellano “It motivated me to get our Spring Stress Relief Coaching up and going again for spring, when most people are looking for something to take away the winter blues.

March Launch is a perfect time for us and promoting starts in February. Also, it was great to be encouraged and to be able to encourage other coaches. Thank you for all the work everyone put into this.”

More from Kim Hansen Castellano …”Also this week we received approval from the Board of Education in our town to run our "Turn Off the Stress" group coaching workshops. It's open to the public and families of our grammar schools. Only God can make that door open.

How did you do this Kim? The first session is an Intro session we invite everyone and anyone that responds. Then they move onto either group coaching for 4 weeks or one2one sessions for a fee. Group being the lesser. If they're seriously depressed they need other help that may be available.
Last March-May,

I ran this in our Public Library as a trial run and had over 20 people go thru the workshop. It was a successful launch.

Press releases are sent to local newspapers and Facebook event promote the group. This time we have a few teachers on board to add to our promoting. I also created a power point presentation for the group to keep any printing cost to a minimum.

As far as the "Christian" issue, I promote saying it's from a Christian approach and I remember I'm not talking to people who may know the Bible, but they may know about God and go to a church. I am sure I will need to make some changes for the school crowd since it's a very diverse community. God would not have opened this door if He didn't have a plan.

So I go with Jesus as my Leader.”

(Stress Relief Coach training and certification can be found at https://pccca.org/stress)

Gordon Rogers It was encouraging to meet Christians from around the world with different passions, gifts, and abilities all desiring to be used by God to help people using all He has given them and lead them through.

Debbie Lee Stankovich I embraced this week as a time to sow seeds. I wrapped up several projects that had been near completion for a long time. It was the perfect opportunity to bring attention to the profession. Now is the time to nurture what has been planted in expectation of a harvest down the road.

Abby Parsons I have posted my group coaching session, "Scriptures that Raise the Bar on Happiness: Group Coaching Session," as part of our "Christian Coaching Celebration Week" on our newspaper's online and paper edition of Events Calendar, sent press release, contacted a shelter for a second event possibility, and posted on my meet up group. Donations go to the shelter.

As for this academy, enrollments went through the roof!  When registered participants from all corners of the world interacted with our students and graduates, they discovered how awesome our academy culture is and that we truly do PUT GOD FIRST IN ALL WE DO.

So I bet you are wondering when we are doing this again.  Please mark your calendar now. The 2nd Annual Christian Coaching Week will take place March 6-10, 2017.

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We will announce registration and sponsorship information at the beginning of 2017.

Please share your experiences and thoughts below! in the comments section!

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