How Christian Counselors Work and Get Paid

A recent email asking how Christian Counselors work inspired this post. It’s been a long time since I wrote on a topic directed at becoming a Christian Counselor so this was a great opportunity to address an important topic. Have you considered becoming a Christian Counselor but need information on how you can work for […]

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Easy Tips To Setting Fees For Coaching or Counseling

As a new Christian life coach or counselor, setting your coaching fees might just be the most stressful decision you ever have to make. What should you charge?  If you have an existing practice, you’ll want to revisit this topic now that 2018 is just a few weeks away.There are so many considerations!As a Christian […]

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Join Our Interactive Thanksgiving Celebration

After a little bump in the road, I am excited to announce we finally got this, our Interactive Thanksgiving Celebration blog post up and comments functioning!  Yay!  This year’s Thanksgiving message is going to be different than any other Thanksgiving message I have ever written and that’s because I am not writing it, YOU ARE!! […]

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How We Can Respond When Bad Things Happen

It gives me great pride in our students and graduates that so many Christian life coaches and counselors want to address the topic of how to properly respond when bad things happen. As I was researching material for this post, I came upon several articles by my colleague, Debbie Stankovich, one of PCCCA’s Certified Joy […]

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How To Restore Peace During Stressful Times

Even if your personal life is peaceful, you’d probably agree with me that we live in stressful times. With non-stop news reports, smart phones and social media commentaries from the informed often conflicting with the uninformed, our lives are inundated with anxiety provoking stimulus.  You may be able to rest in the peace of our […]

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Own Your Part In Changing the World

I believe you are reading this because you care deeply about making a measurable difference in the lives of others and changing the world.  As believers, we have an obligation to our Lord to fulfill the Great Commission. We are also charged with feeding, clothing and providing a safe place for others to overcome difficulty […]

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Coaching & New Natural Health Certification Opportunity

IT’S COMING THIS FALL! … I’m sitting here on the top balcony of our leased house in Key Largo and I’ve been contemplating an article about the benefits of God-given, natural health solutions and how certified natural health professionals are becoming in high demand. This reminded me to give you advanced notice about a new natural […]

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