EPISODE 4 – Public Speaker Training For Christian Life Coaches – Part 1

Today we are talking about how to get prepared for public speaking. This is a really important topic for us as Christian life coaches because we want to make the most of our speaking opportunities. And, there are coaches, whose primary method of delivering coaching, is to do so before an audience.

I am one of those rare people who actually enjoy public speaking. It wasn’t always that way, but now I look forward to sharing my message with lots of people. I don’t think I am a great speaker but when I get in front of a group, my talk just flows out of me. Some people refer to this as anointing. But I definitely think it’s God because without a sense of purpose to my talk, it’s just so much noise… and even bores me.

So that said, I think knowing your PURPOSE deeply is a key ingredient to being comfortable. Make sure that your PURPOSE compels you to share … knowing that some part of God’s plan may be left incomplete if you don’t get your message out.

Whether you write or speak, God has given you a unique voice, meaning a special way of conveying your message that will resonate with certain people. It is your job to fine tune your presentation skills to engage powerfully with as many in your audience as possible.

Preparation is everything and today we are going to talk about what you can do, to make sure each public speaking engagement is stellar. I want you to get invited to more and more venues to share your message and today I will tell you what needs to happen BEFORE you ever step on the stage, to make sure you are ready.

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