EPISODE 7 – Interview with Karen Federighi, featured on NBC and Upcoming Movie

Thank you for joining me for an extraordinary episode today. On occasion you will hear personal interviews with those I believe, can add great value to your life as well as your coaching, and in this case also, counseling practice.

I recently had an opportunity to do an in-person interview with my guest, Karen Federighi, in Naples, Florida. Since we were not in a studio and were fortunate to find a somewhat quiet public room in a hotel there, you may still hear occasional local sounds.  But thanks to expert audio editing by Evan and Simply Beautiful Media, those will be kept to a bare minimum.

Karen has been featured in an NBC news report and when you hear dates, times and locations mentioned in this show, please know that this information has already been vetted and released in major network broadcasts. In addition, Karen will appear in an upcoming Hollywood-produced, full-length documentary because of her experiences, due out in July of this year.

When I first saw Karen, she was having breakfast at the hotel with Diamond, her parrot.  Being an animal lover, I was drawn to meet Karen and learn how Diamond became so tame and well behaved.  The conversation later turned to her story and when I heard her testimony and we prayed together for her protection, I knew I had to bring her story to you. I want you to learn what very few coaching and counseling professionals know, as well as discover how to protect yourself also.

Through it all, Karen has a strong faith, as you will hear when you meet her.  Please help me welcome Karen Federighi …


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