EPISODE 8 – How To Coach Deeply

Today we are going to talk about a skill that is really more about what we don’t do, than what we do.  In order to coach deeply, we need to hold the space for our client.

When we coach in this way, it may appear to take longer to achieve results at times, but the results are far deeper and longer lasting because the client was deeply involved in achieving their outcome.

Holding space in my view, is about doing less rather than more, in order to empower your client.  And coming up, I will explain how to do this as well as what not to do.

When my students first begin coach training, they are so excited that they will be able to guide people to success.  They look forward to giving good, solid advice and help solve their client’s problems.  At first glance, that sounds really good.  The problem is that in order for your client to get the best results, they themselves need to arrive at the answers and we are not there to judge them, fix them or try to manipulate the outcome. 

Because we are Christian coaches, and our first and foremost obligation is to remain loyal to the Lord, this involves a delicate balance.

What does it mean to … (listen)


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