Own Your Part In Changing the World

I believe you are reading this because you care deeply about making a measurable difference in the lives of others and changing the world.  As believers, we have an obligation to our Lord to fulfill the Great Commission. We are also charged with feeding, clothing and providing a safe place for others to overcome difficulty and grow into their gifts and God's plan. (Jer. 29:11)  

To do so, we need to become prepared to offer strength, wisdom and love in the midst of chaos, stress and despair.

So how do we meet this global challenge?

We need to know how to identify the needs of those around us.  Then, we need to be prepared both by training and with emotional strength gained from our faith.  It is each person’s duty to become trained so that God can use them according to His plan.  Your life to this point has been a laboratory of sorts, where you have learned experientially.  You will fine tune your heart and skills to serve with actual, professional training.

Here's a great example.  

Several of our PCCCA Joy Restoration / Christian Grief Coach graduates have joined together with Debbie Stankovich, MCLC, one of our coach trainers, who has founded Comfort on Call, a free service to help those who need grief support because of natural disasters or other crisis. If you're a Joy Restoration coach, you can help. 

Contact Debbie at debbie@griefcoachingcenter.com 

Duty is mine; the results are God’s.

Creating and providing you with this training is what God has called me to do.  When you are equipped to help others, I am fulfilling my assignment.  But it doesn’t stop there.

Evan Bush, the academy president and I also feel very strongly about giving back.  If you have been around us for a number of years, you may recall that our organization makes regular donations and often donates even more when there is a need. 

Right now, we are donating a percentage of your tuition to help natural disaster / hurricane victims, especially in Puerto Rico, that was recently ravaged by hurricane Maria.

God has created this beautiful world we live in and gave us the opportunity to be good managers of everything in it. I take this seriously and I believe you do too. If we want to help in a meaningful way, we need to be equipped to help.

If you haven’t yet joined the thousands of students and graduates at PCCCA, it is my prayer you will consider doing so.  The world needs your special gifts and the sooner you get prepared, the sooner God will be able to use you in mighty and powerful ways.

Here is a list of our current courses.  Some of them are currently discounted.

Certified Group Coaching Facilitator

Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (Tuition Discount)

PREMIER One-to-One Certified Professional Christian Life Coach

Master Christian Life Coach

Certified Christian Counselor (Tuition Discount)

Stress Relief Coach

Joy Restoration / Christian Grief Coach

Relationship Communication Specialist

Spirit-Led Marketing - business promotion God's way

Bestseller Blueprint for Coaches, Counselors, Authors and Speakers (video)

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More courses are being added including an Advanced Coaching course and a natural wellness course entitled the Certified Essential Oil Practitioner will be rolled out soon. Please watch your email for upcoming enrollment dates and other details.

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Want to get certified as a coach or counselor?
There are many professional certifications to choose from.

0616 Christian Coaching summer school

Thousands of students will confirm that you are in the perfect place to get the training you need to help your clients as well as learn how to reach those who God has led you to help.

Many of our courses offer dual certifications.  One certification is for your use in the Christian / ministry world and the other is for your use in the secular world. PCCCA has you covered no matter where you feel led to work!

You will find the courses currently available listed at https://pccca.org/courses/  Yes, when you take one course, you receive both of the certifications.  This way you have a credential that will be recognized wherever you have an opportunity to work, whether it is a business or church/ministry type of setting.

Course Bundles:  Now we also have course bundles to help you save on tuition. These are courses that are typically purchased together.  You can find them at: https://pccca.org/course-bundles/

Just click the button above to select your course, enroll and begin today. Why not get certified before the end of the year so you can begin your practice in January?​

PS  You may be wondering why many of our students pay for their courses in full.  The reason is that when you do, you can request FULL access to your course so you can do it at your own pace, as quickly as you like.  Otherwise you may have to wait a week to a month for your next module, depending on the course.​ Most students are excited to get prepared to serve their clients.

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