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Coaching & New Natural Health Certification Opportunity

IT’S COMING THIS FALL! … I’m sitting here on the top balcony of our leased house in Key Largo and I’ve been contemplating an article about the benefits of God-given, natural health solutions and how certified natural health professionals are becoming in high demand. This reminded me to give you advanced notice about a new natural […]

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Announcement: NEW Christian Coaching School Podcast

I am very excited to announce that now you can enjoy a weekly dose of Christian Life Coach training and continuing education with me when you tune in to the Christian Coaching School Podcast©.  I know there is a deep need for continuing education because I have personally fielded these inquiries.  And since the podcast went […]

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New Pathway to Success – Course Bundles

We experience an extraordinary phenomenon here at the PCCCA academy. That is that many of our students enjoy our courses so much and gain so much from them personally and professionally, that they took one after another even before we created course bundles.  I strongly encourage you to be forewarned:  it’s actually hard to take just […]

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Ideas To Promote Your Practice

The ultimate success or failure of your practice depends on your ability to reach as many of those who need you, as possible.  How are you doing at this task?… Please don’t confuse this with bragging about your abilities.  Rather, it is critical that those who need you, are able to find and engage with […]

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Get Ready for God to Increase Your Territory

One of my greatest joys in life is seeing our graduates become world-class change agents. Whether you are a life coach, counselor or aspiring specialty professional, you need to know how to position yourself to receive new opportunities and expand your territory. God created you for such a time as this and you have a […]

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Important New Change in Coaching Certification – Limited

I have wanted to see this change for many years and finally, I am able to announce that it’s available for you. Effective immediately, when you enroll in any CCLC (Christian life coach) certification course, you become eligible for an additional certification for absolutely no charge or extra effort on your part. Pretty cool, huh? […]

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Help Us Plan Your 2015 Event – SURVEY

So far we have received VERY interesting results indeed, from the survey we sent out this past Friday. If you have not yet responded, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DO SO NOW. Over 50% of the respondents plan on attending the 2015 Barefoot Mastermind! But this presents a problem, a good problem, but nevertheless a problem! […]

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Are You Called To Teach Or Train Others?

Do you feel you have reached a certain level of competency in your specific area and now you have some significant information and experience to share with others? If you answered yes to this question, this post may be of special interest to you. You see, I believe that the highest purpose for gathering information […]

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