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We experience an extraordinary phenomenon here at the PCCCA academy. That is that many of our students enjoy our courses so much and gain so much from them personally and professionally, that they took one after another even before we created course bundles.  I strongly encourage you to be forewarned:  it’s actually hard to take just one. There are many reasons for this. 

Here at PCCCA we unapologetically put God first in all we do. We regularly hear from students and graduates they believe the courses are anointed​.

When someone can't see things clearly or when they try to change and fail, God's Word and power never fails to do God's will.  Our courses are based on this truth.  

So when you consider why the training is so powerful, it is because God is that powerful. Put simply, God's Word always delivers the result He intended when He inspired the writer.

I am often asked which courses are needed to achieve certain goals. We have created course bundles to offer savings and clarity to new students.

It is not unusual to find students who have taken all our courses and eagerly await the next one. That was the case with the recent launch of the Mosaic Family Coach training and certification program.

"... God's Word always delivers the result He intended when He inspired the writer."
~ Leelo Bush, Ph.D.

We also receive inquiries about reduced fees for returning students.

At the beginning of 2016, we quietly rolled out Course Bundles. Since that time, they have become quite a hit, for all of the above reasons plus the ease of course access.

You see, once you purchase a course bundle, you don’t need to re-enroll for another course within the bundle. All you need to do is notify us when you complete one course and wish the next course opened to you. Super simple.

Most importantly, Course Bundles make learning more affordable. In fact, it is possible to save so much it’s like receiving the online, guided Christian Life Coach training and Christian Counselor training programs free with Bundle #1.

Currently we offer 4 Course Bundles.

"I Want It All" - Bundle #1 ... (BEST VALUE!)

"CCLC Christian Coach & Christian Counselor" - Bundle #2

"Coaching Excellence (CCLC & MCLC)" - Bundle #3

"CCLC AND Joy Restoration (Grief Coach)" - Bundle #4

At the recent Help and Hope Teleclass I hosted with a Christian coaching industry luminary and curriculum creator, Debbie Stankovich, MCLC, she told how she began taking courses at this academy 9 years ago and now has created several of her own programs, her most recent being the Mosaic Family Coach training and certification that is available exclusively at this academy.

Jenny Grace Morris, MCLC is an award-winning Christian coach who has taken nearly all of PCCCA's courses and now serves as a senior trainer in the Premier CCLC program. Jenny co-created the Relationship Communication Specialist training and certification course with me and also has her own coaching practice as well as working as a Biblical Storyteller.

There are many more stories like these and we are delighted to see returning students because it confirms we are doing things right.

Just today, we fielded an inquiry from our Live Chat on the website asking if we continue to support our graduates. Our online chat support answered “Yes, we provide FOREVER support.” This means that we will always be here for you, before, during and after you graduate to answer questions and assist you. PCCCA was founded in 2003 and today, 13 years later, we are still here to support you. No other Christian coaching and counseling school can make this claim.

Lest I forget, one facet of getting your professional education here at PCCCA is that many of our courses offer more than one certification!  The reason we do this is that you, the student deserves to have credentials for working in any environment, whether you feel called to church or ministry work, or if you are seeking employment in the private or public sector. You need a relevant credential.  You get this here.

For example, our CCLC or Certified Christian Life Coach training also entitles the graduate to a CPLC or Certified Professional Life Coach credential. You earned it when you completed the CCLC course here at PCCCA and you receive it as a bonus, at no additional cost.

Graduation from the Joy Restoration course also entitles you to a Certified Christian Grief Coach certificate. Thirdly, you receive a license to offer the 7-Step Happiness by Choice Method.  

Each of our certification courses also includes how to attract clients so you receive enough information to get started creating a sustainable practice.​  For those who want to know more about business and marketing, we have several options, the most popular of these courses being Spirit Led Marketing

Because of the fully self-paced access you receive as a Course Bundle student, the bundles do require payment in full.  You may be wondering how students manage tuition for the bundles. Most usually they either use a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card and then pay the card company or … they use the 6 month no payment, no interest credit option at checkout. It is also not unusual for churches or denominational organizatons (or even private benefactors) to pay all or part of a student’s tuition. Because our courses don’t contain denominational doctrine, they are suitable for any Bible-believer, regardless of church affiliation.

I encourage you to review our courses and see which ones are a fit with your goals. Then let us know if we may assist you with the enrollment process.

If you don't see a course bundle that meets your needs, contact us to see whether we can create a custom bundle for you.​

Remember, we have open enrollment. That means you may begin as soon as you are ready. You will find the tuition and enrollment link at the bottom of each course description page.


If you have taken more than one of our courses, I would love to hear your comments below about why you came back for more training here at PCCCA. Also, if you have a suggestion for a specialty course, please let us know and we will consider it for the academy.

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Leelo Bush PhD, Founder and Director of Training at the Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy PCCCA

Leelo Bush, PhD

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